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Hello. This is my first post so ... Hello : )

I make Alternative Movie / Film Posters, mostly for fun but a few have been commissioned for real films. Much of my work has been featured around the internet, for which I am very honoured & grateful.

I intend to showcase some of the posters I have made as well as movie posters I like; either from other artist like myself or genuine movie artwork.

I'd also like to include here some description about my methods, motivations & inspirations for the posters I have produced.

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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - Alternative Movie Poster by 3ftDeep (me : )

Mad Max - Fury Road - Alternative Poster by 3ftDeep
Mad Max - Fury Road - Alternative Poster by 3ftDeep

As of writing, I've not seen Fury Road yet; it's only be out a few days, but the trailers looked amazing.

I stumbled across an early YouTube video, maybe a year ago, with 'sneak peaks' of production in Namibia. This showed one of the crew wearing a shirt with the 'burning skull steering wheel' logo. I've always been drawn to logos & simple iconography, so decided to base a poster around this.

I actually started this several months ago, before any of the trailers were out but one thing lead to another & it got shelved. So, when the actual release was approaching I figured I really needed to get it done.

This wasn't what I originally intended. I was going to have the sign, looking down a desert road with the V8 Interceptor driving into the distance towards the smoke on the horizon.

However, I obviously changed my mind as I liked the distorted perspective, looking up at the sign with the ominous smoke billowing from an unseen source. I was really please with my smoke, which I drew in Photoshop. I also figured lots of other poster artists would include the car / vehicles & I wanted to do something a little different.

If I was to go back & change anything (which I might), it would be the 'MAD MAX' text. I think it's a little lacking & could be improved with more colour & texture. What do you think?

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Next time, I'll talk about my recent Fantastic Four reboot poster


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