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The Creation of Iron Angel

9 years ago, in 2006, I created a character called Iron Angel. It was just a name that I made up for an X-Box 360 gamer-tag. My friends and I would frequently meet at a local place called Toxcity where you could go and play console or PC games for a small price per hour. It was awesome, we all got our own X-Box 360 and our own television and we'd link up to a local game (there were anywhere between 6 - 8 of us at a time) and we'd beast some Gears of War.

Baird was always my favorite to use.
Baird was always my favorite to use.

We had gone to Toxcity so many times and always had to create a new gamer-tag because our old ones were getting erased or changed, plus, we liked mixing it up. We'd often choose names that were either humorous or intimidating, especially since at the end of every Gears match, the game would show "Final Kill By: *insert player's name here*", so I would try to come with stupid things to display:

"Final Kill By: Your Mom"
"Final Kill By: Some Guy"

Looking back, I wasn't always the most clever, but what can I say? I was trying to make jokes and for the most part I did. Then there was one day where I tried to put together the concept of some superheroes, to visually create a character that I thought would be awesome and to create a name for the character based on its appearance. So, I took the character of Colossus and Angel from the X-Men series and properly dubbed him: Iron Angel.

Angel and Colossus
Angel and Colossus

Then later that day, when I won the match (which happened often), the screen read: "Final Kill By: Iron Angel" and I heard my brother (one of the regular Toxcity attendees) say,

"Who's 'Iron Angel'?"
"That's me!" I'd replied.
"That's an awesome name, Aaron! Very cool"

...or something along those lines, either way, it got the approval of just about everyone there. Since then the name stuck, since then, I always have, and always will be, Iron Angel. If you don't believe me, take a look at my MoviePilot page and my early days as being an active member.

The good ol' days
The good ol' days

So as you can see, the name has some meaning to me and stuck with me for a very long time.

I AM Iron Angel

Now, here comes the fun part. I was nominated to write an article about the three super-powers I would like to have if I were to have any by Mike Fleck. In article he stated he'd like to have flight, super-intelligence, and telekinesis. He also said that I needed to create a main nemesis to oppose the hero/villain (whichever I choose apparently). Since I've always had so many ideas for super-powered, comic-book characters that I've wished would one day be picked up by Marvel or DC, I had a hard time choosing.

So naturally, I stuck with my original persona, the Iron Angel. Let's talk about who he (me) is and what he (still me) could do.

1. Flight (Wings)

Such an amazing sight
Such an amazing sight

I am sticking with some of the original concept of Iron Angel in that he has a physical resemblance to an angel. I love the whole angelic design, I like how majestic it can look. It adds sort of a righteous, unchallenged command to the character. This is what I would want for Iron Angel (myself). The ability to flap these huge, majestic wings and sore through the air while capturing the attention of onlookers.

I imagine that it would be a sight that many people would find fascinating and at the same time, a sight that would spread fear or momentarily capture the breath of my enemies.

2. Body Manipulation (Transform into Metal)

Yup, the bullets would just bounce off
Yup, the bullets would just bounce off

Now, I know I have a picture of Colossus from 'X2: X-Men United' here but this is not necessarily the exact way in which I would want my powers to work. It just provides the best visual comparison to what my body would look like (except I would have the wings as well).

But my power would go beyond turning myself into metal. I'd have it act sort of symbiotic, a power that would lie dormant within my body until I could draw it out at will. I imagine it would cover me similar to how the symbiotic suit covers Spider-Man.

The only difference is that I'd be control
The only difference is that I'd be control

All of this would be a form of manipulation, as I would also be able to transform this metallic, symbiotic suit into any form I'd wish (so long as it's attached to my body) and change it's density as well. This is how I would be able to form my wings.

Not only would this ability provide me with a good defense, by covering me in metal and giving me the power of flight by providing wings, it'd also provide me with a great offense, as I'd be able to form any weapon (sword, Wolverine-style claws, etc.) and change that density, making it the most effective form of attack.

3. Super Healing

Now, I obviously don't want to be too over-powered so I imagine there would be times where I could get into a bit of a problem. I could have my metallic symbiosis penetrated or be caught unawares without the suit and I could receive injury or harm. But the elements of what makes that suit even exist would be able to provide some sort of healing factor and since it lies dormant within the body, the healing factor would always be present.

The Creation of Black Dragon (My Nemesis)

I've always enjoyed the idea of my enemies being patterned after the seven deadly sins. Now, I wouldn't copy what I've read in the back-stories of the New 52 Justice League comics where there the enemies literally have a self-awareness of the fact that they each represent one of the seven deadly sins.

Three of the seven deadly sins depicted in Shazam
Three of the seven deadly sins depicted in Shazam

I like to follow a more "inspired" approach or maybe "subtle" is the way to put it, but either way, I like to have characters sort of symbolize the elements of those sins.

I have only fully developed two of the seven main villains, but that's okay because it's not like they're a team of any kind. The two villains I have are Dr. Richard Agon aka Black Dragon and Bambi Cruz aka Baby-Doll.

Since Baby-Doll isn't the main nemesis, I won't worry about explaining her right now (unless someone in the comments asks for specifics) and I'll only focus on Black Dragon.

The idea behind Black Dragon is actually an even older concept than Iron Angel. When I was 14-years-old, I was attending the 7th grade a Charter School. English was my favorite class and my teacher, Eric Stinson, was by far my favorite teacher, since he treated me as someone who had an independent mind-set. He was an author himself as he had stated that he had written his first book called, 'Western Blood Runs Green' (I never could find the book though).

He gave my class a project to write our own short story. Although I was aspiring to write a novel, I didn't know how to dumb down the content of a book to create a smaller story. I had just finished watching the last Lord of the Rings film, was about to finish the book, and so everything I aspired to had to be big and epic; I was in love with the thought of building franchise.

So, I panicked and I went and I searched deep into the darkest pits of the internet I could find to try and find the most obscure thing I could. This is when I discovered some fan-fiction for Warhammer.

I didn't know a thing about Warhammer (I still don't to be honest). I thought it was the most obscure piece of work out there and that there was no way that my teacher would know if I plagiarized some fan-fiction from Warhammer. Well, stupid me, I went bragging about how big my book was to my friends in math class and it turned out that my math teacher was a Warhammer fan as well (makes sense to me, he also practiced fencing and owned collector's editions of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks). He ratted me out to Mr. Stinson and my short stint as a plagiarized author came to an end.

I had to explain myself to Mr. Stinson and he asked me why I plagiarized since he knew I had a very creative mind. I told him that I just found it difficult to start and end a story in such a short amount of time. He explained that, as an author, he understood, and he extended me a second chance since he knew that that was out of character for me. He allowed me to submit a piece of work that I was already working on, even though it wasn't a short story. The story I wrote was very dark and violent, but I submitted it anyway.

I later ended up not only getting an A+ on my project but also received the huge honor of having the story read at a parents/students night of some sort (I took my brother instead because I thought my parents would be mad me for creating such a dark and violent story). I was awarded best short-story writer of the 7th grade and at the end of the year, I received the best short-story writer award of the entire middle-school (even though it wasn't a short story).

I WAS Black Dragon

I had a problem when I was in my teenage years, it's not an uncommon problem though. My problem was girls. I had always yearned for the affection of the opposite sex and was always trying to achieve that affection. Well, there was one girl in particular who caught my attention: Hannah White.

Hannah was one grade higher than myself, yet still the same age (I was always a grade behind) yet we still shared the same math class. Then there was this other kid, Mark Burger. Mark Burger was a punk, he was the preppy kid that was too into himself and was always flirting with Hannah and simultaneously belittling me (I was never bullied, I didn't put up with that, but kids always throw around insults).

Yeah, that was me.
Yeah, that was me.

So, I created this character named Ian (Ian=Aaron, get it?) and he was a man who also loved a woman named Hannah White (not that I knew what love was at 14-years-old). Well I created the fictional Hannah White to be a nurse who would play the typical damsel-in-distress type of role. She would constantly find herself at odds with Julius (the Mark Burger of the story), a vicious vampire (I had just watched Underworld and was on a horror/action kick).

Ian, always at odds with Julius, was a different sort of monster. I envisioned Hannah in some sort of trouble in a building, designed much like my school. The trouble was obviously caused by Julius, the vampire. Well, just as things are about to take a turn for the worst, the lights in the building begin to flicker and all of the electricity began to be absorbed by an unseen monster in the darkness. It would put fear into Julius.

That monster would be Ian, transformed into what I could only describe at the time as a were-dragon (like a werewolf except with the qualities of a dragon instead of a wolf).

This humanoid, dragon monster stood at about 9-feet-tall with a huge terrible with a huge wing-span. He could breathe fire, but mostly when I wrote him, he was slashing vampires and other underworld-inspired creatures apart with his bare-claws.

Black Dragon Now a Villain

Things have changed since middle-school. I no longer am infatuated with Hannah White, I'm married to a wonderful woman and have both a daughter and a son. So no vengeful fantasies of me being this terrible dragon-man ripping apart vampires inspired by 7th grade rivals.

But I didn't want to let the concept of who Ian was die. So I removed his name and replaced it with "Richard", seems kind of like a kingly name to me and that's exactly the sort of presence I want him to have. I want Dr. Richard Agon to be a leading pioneer in bio-technology with a lust for power and short temper (pride and wrath wrapped up into one). He would not be an outright villain though, not for the world to see. No, Dr. Agon would, in fact, be a highly praised man with many positive credentials and scientific breakthroughs to his name.

Even Iron Angel (who now bares the name "Ian") would not suspect Dr. Agon to be the ferocious Black Dragon that has reeked havoc everywhere he goes, the same beast that leaves a trail of bloody bodies behind should they stand in the way of his ultimate goal, whatever that may be at the time. Ian would even be a pupil of sorts to Dr. Agon and both would have unknowingly helped the other become who they are with their brilliant discoveries.


This was not not meant to be so in-depth as it was but I feel that these characters that I have created, that I love, although they may never see themselves on the pages of any comic book, still deserve to be thoroughly explained as I believe the meaning behind each character's creation makes that character significant.

So, what did you think of my power choices? What powers would you want? Do you like the concept of Iron Angel? Do you like the concept of Black Dragon? Share all of your thoughts and [respectful] opinions below in the comments section!


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