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It's been a tough couple months for the brewing DC Movie Universe and it isn't just the bumpy road that Wonder Woman and Aquaman have been on ahead of its production which is still set to begin filming in just a few months. The reports coming from inside Warner Bros have been revealing a studio that has been struggling through a creative process that sources have described as "...throwing s**t against the wall to see what stuck."

Just in Time For a Justice League

If you want to get a sense of the shaky foundation that is being put together over at the studio that is attempting to put together a shared universe of DC superhero movies, the revealing article from The Hollywood Reporter gives an excellent sense of the current state of affairs. What becomes clear is that there currently isn't a guiding force that is uniting these movies. It would seem the best hope the DCMU has is in Zack Snyder - who is in charge of Uniting the Seven in the Justice League movies.

The Justice League - assembled.
The Justice League - assembled.

If Warner Bros and DC weren't able to secure Zack Snyder for the Justice League movies there would be even more cause to worry about the future of the DCMU - as it stands now, there is a reason to believe that even if the current plan of sending multiple writers out to come come up with something will work for Wonder Woman and Aquaman there is someone who is in control of the big two part Justice League event.

Taking Charge of the DCMU

What becomes apparent when you look at the issue of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern is that you have all these characters that have either never been tested with a big movie before or, in the case of Green Lantern, have tried and failed to be successful. The added pressure of having Wonder Woman be the first female superhero movie since the one-two bombs of Elektra and Catwoman add up to Warner Bros being understandably uncertain about how best to proceed with these movies.

It would be great to see Zack Snyder finish the post-production on Batman v Superman and be allowed to step into the position of being the guiding force behind the DCMU. But it's likely not to happen - there's a reason Marvel has someone like Kevin Feige who isn't dividing his time between writing and directing Marvel movies and being the guy putting all the pieces together for the MCU. But it is clear that someone has to step in with a vision so that Warner Bros isn't approaching every movie as a stand alone problem to be solved.

Keep Calm and Carry a Big Trident

Reports have stated that writer and director David Ayer has been given a good amount freedom with Suicide Squad and that Warner Bros and DC may have even decided to make the movie a prequel to Batman v Superman. It's always good to see a writer/director be able to take on a movie like this - Joss Whedon was able to turn in two great Avengers movies that way - and it would be one thing if DC were able to continue that trend but for Aquaman and Wonder Woman moviemaking by committee is already underway.

Aquaman awaits his chance.
Aquaman awaits his chance.

It's clear that they have multiple writers working, much to the anger of talent reps, without a unifying vision and we can only hope that some magic can spring forth from the many sources working on these movies. Even if analysts are hedging their bets on the success of the DC movies, Warner Bros should have faith that this is a new age of superhero movies and the audiences will show up to untested movies like Wonder Woman and Aquaman if the movies show a strong sense of continuity and creativity. All these characters have had successful runs in the comic books so it's not like there isn't great source material to draw from.

Even the previous Green Lantern movie is pretty much a fuzzy memory in most people's minds at this point. As the only character who isn't reported as being introduced in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), DC and Warner Bros should be confident in rebooting this character just as they should be confident in unveiling a brand new DC comic book world on screen. There is so much potential for great success with the movies they have planned that all is required is a steady hand to guide the way.

What do you think? Are you confident about the upcoming DC Movie Universe? Can the Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern movies succeed outside of the Justice League? What's your impression? Take to the comments section and keep the conversation going!


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