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Online readers see thousands of articles per day. But the ones that get the most readership have titles that are relatable, can be identified with, and strike an emotional chord.

Titles got your tongue tied? Here’s a few hints:

  • Have an angle. Ask yourself first: would I read and share this? Why?
  • Keep it casual. Scrap big words & use easy language.
  • If it's great, say so. Strong opinions work well. Use descriptors such as: awesome, hilarious, surprising, shocking, huge
  • Be specific. Use full titles & characters names. Avoid abbreviations.
  • Ask Questions. Whenever possible, start off with Who, What, When, Where, Why, or How.
  • Numbers help. When in doubt, list it out.

Let's roll out some examples...

Who Will Side With Whom When Marvel's Civil War Comes Around? (TOO WORDY)
Who Will Side With Whom In Marvel's Civil War? (YEAH!)

Theory: Could Frodo Really Be a Villain? (NEEDS EMOTION)
Frodo Baggins The Villain? You Won't Believe this Mind Blowing Fan Theory! (YEAH!)

Fan Art of Elena from TVD. (NO ABBREVS PLZ)
The Vampire Diaries: AWESOME New Fan Art of Elena Gilbert. (YEAH!)

Christian Bale is a Good Batman. (LIST IT)
5 Reasons Why Christian Bale is the BEST Batman in History. (YEAH!)

Plus, we're always here to help.

Sometimes, we change your title. We do this to make it better for either social media or SEO (search engine optimization). This boosts readership!

  • Social Media. For your title to stand out on, for example, Facebook, we'll help you make it snappier. We may add emotional words, descriptors, or punctuation.
  • SEO. This affects how a post shows up on a search engine. We may add or alter SEO keywords in your title so it's easier for the search engine to find.


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