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So as we all know suicide squad is happening there has been so many questioning and comparing of Heath ledgers joker and Jared Leto's joker. The biggest complaint so far is the tattoos he has all over his body, now in my opinion i really think the tattoos can work, it really fits that sort of psycho path feature in the character and adding the tattoos helps really bring his image out. As of right now though Heath ledgers joker will always have a special place. I cant really say to much about Leto's joker because we obviously haven't seen the film yet but i will say i'm not really digging his appearance so far...

So we see here hes shooting a scene with Margot Robbie and Leto filming a scene for the movie. Most of you might of seen this already but id like to share and go full in depth of what could actually be happening in these scenes. We can see that Robbie's currently seen with a pure blonde look and glasses, so from the looks of it i think this is when the two first meet. If you read the comics you can see that Harley wasn't always a psycho path we all know her for now. There was a time she looked normal and had a life but as you see above this looks like the the birth of Harley Quinn might be taking place. Now back to Leto, I'm gonna be real here i don't like the looks of his first appearance. For some reason he looks a bit feminine and if i ever came up to a real life joker looking like this!? i would be laughing.The only thing i do admire is the fact that they have completely re imagined the joker to were unlike other movies when a character is recreated and still comes out exactly the same. This is a fresh start and even though its not looking to great i'm still cheering for this movie to be successful.

He does not look intimidating at all like you would see on some the dark and grittier versions of the batman series. So I am a bit disappointed in the outcome of his looks, just didn't excite me enough. But on the other hand this is the beginning and still very fresh so i wont hold this against the movie itself. I'm really hoping for some touch ups and improvements by the time the movie is released to make this the absolute best of the best. I do enjoy the fact we can finally see more movies and stories bad guys on the spot light rather then always having heroes.

In this next photo we see Quinn pointing at gun at joker and just as i said in the beginning this could be the scene were joker convinces Harley to join the team and from his posture it looks like hes egging her on to shooting him which is one thing joker is pretty good at. Besides his costume choice i still have some heart for this movie and i think this particular scene is gonna be very interesting and even important. From looking at this i hope they have a brief story of Harley's origins.

If you remember reading the comics and or the TV shows joker was well known for treating Harley like a dog and I can see were this scene is going with that. I never agreed with the whole woman beating this but this is obviously fiction so its a whatever for now. What i really wanna know is how Jared Leto's jokers voice will sound now if you as me the iconic voice is number 1 of all things it takes to become a legendary joker we can all remember in the long run. If the voice is nailed and interpreted well and believable i will let his appearance pass my mind just like that.

....OK this I do not like at all. The last couple weeks we saw Will Smith's dead shot and Harley Quinn have a little bit of sugar time together on screen in a rain scene. So we can see the two have some romance going on BUT Harley is jokers girl so now from the looks of it we may be seeing a love triangle between these 3 characters. Now let me remind you again i am not 100% familiar with the suicide squad but just a share of opinions and theories as to what might go down. So i really hope they cut this back and forth love crap its really annoying me how so many iconic female characters in these movies now days always play volleyball with these male characters, women are so much better then that. This worries me a bit seeing the photos of the two but like i said its still the beginning and for all we know these shot sequences might not even be official they could be deleted by the time the final piece is released to cinemas. Of all the downfalls and disagreements I have with some of the outtakes in this movie i really hope it all works out in the end even if nothing is changed. As a matter of fact i want them to prove me wrong because i wanna go to this movie and come out pumped up full of adrenaline ready for the next installment they will more then likely do. All we can do right now now is wait.

I just could't get over this sick picture of the two so i had to share it, very creepy but awesome at the same time. Now if they went with THIS look! I will be in the front row seats i just love the craziness that just roars out on you the moment you look at it. So what are your thoughts on the new joker? are you excited? don't hesitate share your thoughts and opinions down below. See you in the cinemas August 5th 2016!!.


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