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I have a faint memory of watching Mad Max as a kid. I remember Mel Gibson in leather roaming about a crazy dustbowl world full of motorcycle gangs. That is about it. So when I went into the theatre to watch Mad Max: Fury Road, I might as well have never seen any of the previous films. It was a unique experience I didn’t see coming and as I saw the chaotic world unravel to a soundtrack by Junkie XL, I couldn’t help thinking:

1- This is the weirdest movie I’ll see this year:

From the sped up action, giving the movie an old-school effect, to the white painted fanatic drivers in Citadel, I couldn’t quite get a handle on the story. Every time I thought I knew something, a new arch would be introduced and I was once again lost in the wild ride.

2- We need more characters like Imperator Furiosa:

Whether you liked this movie or not, there is no debating Charlize Theron is a kickass lady in this film. Carrying the main storyline, Furiosa is looking to do the right thing even if danger follows. She is not going to stop for anybody and she doesn’t shy away from a fight. While it would have been easy to pair two beautiful people (Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy) into the a damsel in distress scenario, I was happy with the approach the filmmaker took of making them equals, in their flaws and in their strengths.

3- Nicholas Hoult needs to be in more movies:

I had to finish the movie and get to the credits to realize that Nicholas Hoult played Nux. Starting out as one of Citadel’s drivers thirsty for glory, Nux gradually becomes one of the most developed characters in the movie. He is one of the few who questions his existence, what he has been taught and which side to fight for.

4- I wish things were explained a bit better:

This is a movie worth watching more than once, not just for the incredible action but to understand this dystopian world. The movie is essentially an hour and a half action sequence with a 15 minute introduction and resolution. This is not a complaint since the action is engaging all the way through but it took me a long time to get a grasp on this crazy train of a story. It just needed just a few more minutes of setting up the different towns, their purposes and how everybody is linked to one another.

5- It is the best action movie I have seen in a long time:

The confusion was quickly subdued by the high adrenaline the movie keeps pumping up with every moment of the chase. The stakes are high, the resources are scarce and Immortan Joe will not stop until he gets back what was taken from him. In many ways the pacing of the action reminds me of a video game, every level more complicated and intense. That combined with practical effects that are so undervalued nowadays, it makes for a fun and explosive ride worthy of the big screen.

Mad Max is not simply a good movie for what it is- a summer blockbuster. It is a great movie for its photography composition, its damaged characters and the brilliance of a well done reboot. Check out my video for a full review on Mad Max: Fury Road.

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