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Apple and Broadcom have reached an agreement over this partnership.

Forbes reported that it is believed Apple has granted full certification of its HomeKit to Broadcom Corporation. HomeKit is a wireless protocol that allows users to connect to home automation devices via iOS. Apple announced this project last year at the Apple’s Developer Conference but not much update was provided after that. It can now be seen that Apple is gathering it over again. Broadcom announced that it has reached full agreement with Apple regarding WICED, i.e. Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices and HomeKit.

Both companies are seeking to boost the information technology sector. Broadcom is now the official provider of the software development kit for WICED platform that will be offering full support of HomeKit to device developers. This indicates that companies that intend to build the smart home devices on the company’s Bluetooth WiFi chips will also be allowed to access the HomeKit protocols.

According to Forbes, “Apple’s HomeKit protocol determines how devices are identified in iOS based on clearly defined device categories and what sorts of actions can be taken with them — turning on or off a light, for example. Ideally, this will allow the interactions between devices to be more consistent and reliable than with previous wireless protocols in home automation technology like ZigBee and Z-Wave.”

Apple’s HomeKit is also said to be very much secure, as the technology uses an end-to-end encryption between the connection of all smart home gadgets and an iOS device. In order to get this certification, the company has worked hard and has gone through various testing procedures, which would guarantee speed, performance, and adherence to the protocol. Despite of building the devices completely on Broadcom’s platform of software and hardware, the company is required to submit their devices for quality assurance certification to Apple’s MFi.

A senior director of embedded wireless in the mobile and wireless group at Broadcom, Brian Bedrosian, said last November, “Apple has way of catalyzing a marketplace, either with great customer experience or new innovative ideas. HomeKit will provide its customers with a uniform experience across all connected products. That’s something Apple does a great job with.”

Mr. Bedrosian further added that the company is satisfied in working together with Apple and said that it has reached a milestone for WICED. Through this deal, it will deliver a platform of Internet of Things (IoT) along with HomeKit.

Broadcom Corp previously worked with big companies as well. Ever since HomeKit’s announcement last year, the progress made by companies has been quite slow but now they have gathered pace.


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