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Techland's Dying Light had a rather remarkable success story to tell in 2015. Due to a perfectly timed release date, a new take on navigation and a lot of gaming publications saying how surprisingly good it was, Dying Light enjoyed some impressive sales. It was a success that will most likely see it as the most successful zombie title of the year and in my opinion, this is why Dead Island 2 fled to 2016.

With Dying Light offering a fresh take on the zombie genre and Dead Island 2 giving us more of what we've had before, I feel like Yager Development may have felt that sales would be improved by pushing the game forward. I for one would be intimidated releasing Dead Island 2 in the same year as Dying Light! I wonder if it will get a similar release date window seeing as it worked so well for Techland - time will tell. But how is this developer going to make it seem like a game worth buying over Dying Light?

Dying Light
Dying Light

Dead Island 2 & Yager's Struggle to Top Dying Light on Release Date

"The worlds smallest MMO." This is what one of the developers at Yager labelled Dead Island 2 due to its 8 player compatibility. Its multiplayer framework will seamlessly blend into the singleplayer experience, allowing for players to work together if they so choose. Therefore, you'll be able to carry on with your own game and missions, but someone online can join whenever they want.

Dead Island 2 appears to be very similar to the Left 4 Dead franchise, only the way in which players experience the game together seems quite different. But we have the standard different kinds of zombies - a lot of which look like they're straight out of Valve's design. It'll be great to have a new zombie multiplayer shooter, but I think Yager are going to have to include a lot more than this if they hope to keep our attention. Will they be able to give us an amazing story, one as gripping as their own Spec Ops: The Line?

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2

What do you want to see in Dead Isalnd 2? Are you already excited for the framework that Yager has in place, or will they need to include a lot more to hold your attention? Zombie games are a hell of a lot of fun, there's no doubt about that! But Dying Light showed us that the regular formula isn't going to cut it anymore. We need some fresh meat to reanimate this corpse!!


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