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The new installment of the James Bond series, Spectre, comes out November 6, 2015! I am analyzing what we know from the first trailer, behind the scenes photos and clips.

Nr 1. -The plot

James Bond, (obviously) played by Daniel Craig, gets a coded message from his past, which sends him on a mission to find a hidden organization. While M is fighting a political war to keep secret service alive, James has to find the terrible truth behind Spectre.

It is said that the movie will focus on his childhood and the circumstances that made him an orphan.

Nr 2. -Spectre

Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. It is lead by the known Bond-villain Ernst Staviro Blofeld.

It is supposedly the parent-organization of Quantum. Witch featured heavily in "Casino Royal" and "Quantum of Solace". We know this, because in the trailer they have ties to Mr. White.

These people are clearly Spectre, lead by Franz Oberhouser. Spectre consists of 21 high-ranking members. Each with a designated number. And I bet there are 21 people sitting around that table.

Their strategy is to dominate. They take two groups and put them against each other. When there is only one remaining and weakened group, they strike. Which it seems like they are doing with MI5 and MI6.

Nr 3. -MI6

MI6 headquarters
MI6 headquarters

As we saw in the trailer, the MI6 headquarters is still not repaired after it was exploded in Skyfall. So we know that this film doesn't happen that long after the last film.

The last M (Judi Dench) is dead, so we will se a new male M, Ralph Fiennes. He is struggling to hold the organization together. MI5 is supposedly going to be merged with MI6. In the trailer we can see that they are in a funeral. Which is probably the last M's funeral.

Nr 4. -Bad Guys

Christopher Waltz has officially got the role as the main villain, Franz Oberhouser. He has a long scar in his face and a white cat on his lap. We last saw him in the unofficial Bond-movie "Never Say Never" from 1983. But the speculation points towards him playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He is the leader of Spectre. He is probably the boy in the picture from the trailer, where we can't see his face, because it is burned out. He and Bond probably have a shared past, after what we can hear in the dialog of the first trailer. And also the document below indicates that The Oberhouser-family took in James when he was 12. It was mentioned in the last film that his parents were killed.

Dave Bautista, known as Drax from "Guardians of the Galaxy", is going to play the assassin Mr. Hinx.

From the trailer, we also know that we will se the return of villain Mr. White- the guy Bond shot in the foot at the end of Casino Royal. He seems to be blind. He was working for Quantum, and he probably has ties to Spectre.

Nr 5. -Bond girls

Lea Seydoux will play Dr. Madeleine Swann, a psychologist who works on a private medical clinic in the Alps.

Mexican Stephanie Sigman has the mystical role as Estrella, while Monica Bellucci will be playing Lucia Sciarra.

We also know from the trailer that Naomie Harris will reprise her role as Miss Moneypenny.

Nr 6. -Bond and the crew

We can expect to get to know better the characters we were introduced to in "James Bond - Skyfall". M (Ralph Fiennes), secretary Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Q-leader played by Ben Whishaw.

There is still a lot of things we do not know about this movie. There was a leaked script, which I do not want to read. It is said that they have changed a lot, especially the third act.

I (as a Bond fan) am looking very forward to this movie. I have big hopes, and I don't think they will disappoint!

The movie comes out November 6, 2015

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