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Tomorrowland is second on my list of most anticipated movies of 2015. So far, people have responded to that statement with a big groan on their face. “Really? That Disney movie with George Clooney?” That’s the one. I know it will attract casual audiences, but most cinephiles I know can’t quite get on board with me. Here are my main reasons why I believe Tomorrowland deserves our attention:

Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof
Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof

That Disney Movie with Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof

Brad Bird became a top director in animation before making his way to live-action. If you don’t know the name, you know the movies. His first hit was The Iron Giant, but his baby is The Incredibles. After Ratatouille, he helmed Paramount’s Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and surprised everyone. He was also approached to direct Star Wars: Episode VII before JJ Abrams got the job. It’s still possible he’ll use the Force in a future installment.

Damon Lindelof, while polarizing, has done major business in Hollywood. He created Lost and is the current showrunner for HBO’s The Leftovers. His filmography is loaded with summer blockbusters including both Prometheus, World War Z, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Together all of his movies have grossed just under 1 billion dollars. These two geniuses are sure to concoct something very special.

Bird and Lindelof unveiling the '1952' box
Bird and Lindelof unveiling the '1952' box

A Break from the Current Wave of Existing Properties

What have we seen this year already? The seventh Fast & Furious, the fourth Mad Max, another Marvel movie with two more on the way. Coming up, we have the fourth Jurassic Park, the fifth Terminator, and the fifth Mission: Impossible. Are you seeing my point?

Tomorrowland sells originality. In fact, it’s a clever story based completely on the Disney theme park of the same name. A mysterious box was found in a series of underground corridors of the old Disney animation building. The box labeled ‘1952’ contained relics from Disney’s plans for the 1964 World’s Fair, mysterious photos, and science fiction novels and comics. Slashfilm covered a very cool unveiling of the box in 2013 at Disney’s D23 here.

'Before Tomorrowland' is available on
'Before Tomorrowland' is available on

'Before Tomorrowland'

Before Tomorrowland is the prequel novel that was released last month by authors Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case. It was also created by Bird and Lindelof, so it’s a direct extension of the film. The story takes places during World War II. Some of America’s greatest innovators including Edison, Tessla, and Earhart were a part of a secret society called Plus Ultra. They dreamed of a better future and fought to create it, while fighting off a Nazi enemy. Hopefully, reading the book pays off before seeing Tomorrowland in theaters.

The Origins of Plus Ultra:

For Magic and Adventure’s Sake

Disney magic is real whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Their animated titles dominate several generations’ childhoods. The secrecy surrounding the box and the film isn’t common amongst most PG-rated Disney films. The visuals from the trailers have been phenomenal. The shots that transition Casey (Britt Roberton) to and from Tomorrowland astounded me.

Most movies can’t replicate a sense of wonder and amazement. I long for movies that make me feel like a kid again. Fingers crossed it lands after all of my hype, but I still believe it’s worth everyone’s time. If you’re just now discovering all of this information, here’s the latest trailer before the movie hits theaters May 22nd:


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