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The awesome Mike Fleck started out this superbeing exposition act when he revealed himself to be a hero (more anti-hero if you think about it) with his article that you can read here! In true superhero fashion, he nominated other civilians to reveal themselves as well. He nominated several Creators, among them the incredible Adonis Gonzalez, who exposed himself as a villain in the article here! Adonis went on to nominate a few others, including myself.

So the goal is to reveal your three superpowers and name your ultimate nemesis. I sort of touched on this subject in my post that you can find here, but I'm never one to shy away from a challenge (by never I mean only sometimes, but I digress). This is a bit different from , so I'll jump into it right away!

So Hero or Villain?

Well, if you've read any of my other articles, you have probably deduced that I, Ian M. Simpson, am a villain. It's as simple as that. I've always found the hero status to be to restrictive, and let's face it, villains have fun.

So now that my alignment is out of the way. It's time to decide on...

My 3 Powers!

Well, as a big fan of strategy games (Yes, that means you Magic: The Gathering) I know that one of the quickest ways to get results is to make sure your powers benefit each other. You need to think about your ultimate end-goal, and what three powers will get you there more efficiently.

Seeing as my basic goal is to rule the world (duh), I had to figure out how. I don't want to just start killing everybody. I'm a nice villain after all. I want to be a kind, merciful leader that just happens to loathe heroes with a burning passion. So in order to take over the world, I'll need these three powers.


It's too much stress and effort to rule the world myself, so I'll need people to do the effort for me (no, I'm not lazy, I'm efficient). I'll let people take the helm as government officials, but I can't trust them to make decisions on their own. What if they try to revolt? What if they try to take things into their own hands.

I'll use telepathy to make them think what I want to think. That way I can use these government officials as vessels to convey my "greater message". If they attempt to resist, I can always show up in their nightmares to haunt them. Am I evil enough for you yet?

There are always going to be those people less-susceptible to having their minds read and their thoughts altered, so to make sure all will go as planned, I'll have to go with the easy answer:

Super Intelligence

You can resist all you want, but if I have unlimited intelligence, you will ultimately end up losing in the end. With super intelligence, my telepathy will only be that much stronger. I will also be able to rule the world better if I was incredibly smart as well. I could make more logical decisions that will benefit everybody* (*everybody=me) Nobody will be able to defend against my mind-control tactics, to domain over the world shall be mine! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Also, with super intelligence it would be much easier to beat Portal. That's a hard game!Oh yeah, I need a third power don't I? Well here goes nothing...


This one is more of a guilty pleasure power for me. Honestly, I would leave telepathy and extreme intelligence behind as long as I could BAMF! all over the place. Just think about how fun that would be? I could jump off of a building, free fall a bit, and then BAMF! myself to safety. It would take skydiving to whole new level!

In reality though, teleportation would help my cause. The world is a big place, and it's going to be tough to run it all at the same time. If I'm in Nashville, and something is going on in Ireland, what am I going to do about it. I have the perfect answer! BAMF! I could just teleport to wherever I needed to be to rule the world as best as I possibly could.

Oh Yeah, The Nemesis!

I almost forgot to say who my nemesis was, but here it is. Seeing as my powers give me unopposed control of all governments, and through them, the world, there is only one worthy opponent, one who has recently revealed that the government is his enemy.

Mike Fleck!

The very creator of this post idea said that his ultimate nemesis would be the government, and seeing as I run the government, it would only make sense that he and I would be at odds.

So... there you go! I'm a bad guy! A pretty cool bad guy as well if you ask me. Now for the even more fun part: the nominations. Unfortunately Mike and Adonis took a few of my first choices, but no matter, I am prepared!

I nominate the following people:

  • Nick Reilly
  • Richie Gendron
  • Amalia Mangiafico
  • Catrina Dennis

Have fun guys!

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