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I watch a lot of movies in my spare time, and whenever I watch one that I particularly enjoy, I read up on behind-the-scenes trivia facts about the film. One of my favorite movies of all time in one of Tarantino's masterpieces, Pulp Fiction. There is a lot going on in this film, so there are quite a few fun facts about it.

10. Lack Of Communication

Even though Marsellus and Mia are husband and wife, they never speak to each other on-screen. They are together in a couple of scenes though, they just talk to other people.

9. Cold Feet

The movie was originally supposed to be made by Tri-Star, but they backed out of the project after they read the script. The film was eventually made by Miramax.

8. A Long-Lasting Grudge

Do you recall the scene where Vincent complains about his car being keyed? Well according to director Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Willis' character Butch is responsible for the nefarious deed.

7. Directorial Decisions

Director Quentin Tarantino had a pick of two different characters to lay in the movie, Jimmy or Lance. He ended up going with Jimmy because he wanted to be behind the camera during the Mia Wallace OD scene.

6. Divine Improvisation

The Bible verse that Sam Jackson's character Jules recites several times was mostly made up. While some parts (mostly about vengeance) were taken from the Bible, the part about the righteous man and the shepard was written by Tarantino and Jackson.

5. Non-Lethal Injections

In the scene where Vincent gives Mia the adrenaline shot to prevent her from overdosing, he doesn't really stab her with the needle. They actually have the syringe in pressed against her chest, and then John Travolta pulls the syringe away. They play the scene in reverse for the movie.

4. Grand Theft Chevy

The Chevy that Vincent drives actually belongs to Quentin Tarantino. During production, the car was stolen. It wasn't found until 2013, and the current owner had recently purchased it. He had no idea the car was stolen!

3. A-List Attempts

Several big-name actors and actresses tried for parts in the film, including Daniel Day-Lewis for Vincent, Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone as Butch, and Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer and Joan Cusack as Mia Wallace.

2. Dedicated Research

John Travolta had difficulty in expressing the drug-addicted side of Vincent Vega. Quentin Tarantino had a friend who was familiar with narcotics, so he had Travolta go to speak with him. The friend told Travolta to get drunk on Tequila and then lie in a hot pool to barely get a taste of the drug. He did so with his wife in the hotel hot tub, all in the name of research.

1. Mystery Case

Many Tarantino fans have posed their own theories regarding the contents of the briefcase in the film. The most prominent theory is that the case contains Marsellus Wallace's soul, which was reportedly sold to the devil. This explains the combination for the case being 666, and it explains the bandage on the back of Wallace's head. The traditional concept is that the soul is removed through the back of the head, in the precise spot where Wallace's bandage is.

Tarantino has rejected this claim personally however. The bandage apparently was meant to cover up a scar on the back of Ving Rhames' (who played Marsellus) head. When asked what was in the case, Tarantino replied, "It's whatever the viewer wants it to be."

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