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Hey everyone. Sooooo this is my first post and I thought that there would be no better way to kick off this little escapade with a conspiracy theory. I love crossover conspiracies and the other day, my friend and I were discussing a theory that crosses Mad Max: Fury Road with the Star Wars films. How does this play out? Simply put...

They take place in the same universe

I know, I know, it sounds crazy. But hear me out. Now what's the deal with the Warboys in Mad Max? The insane spear-wielding survivors of the apocalypse are the main antagonists of Fury Road, and aren't a force to be reckoned with.

But what if I said that the Warboys are prehistoric Tusken Raiders?

*cue dramatic music* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Let's go over some key elements about the Warboys:

  • They live in the desert
  • They carry spears
  • When they are prepared to die, they spray silver spray-paint all over their mouths ("VALHALLAAAA!!!!!")
  • They're inclined towards large vehicles
  • They cover themselves in white dirt for their religion or whatever
  • THEY'RE CRAZY!!!!!!!

That sounds about right. But what about the Tusken Raiders? Let's go over some key elements about them:

  • They live in the desert (Is it just me, or is the name "Sand People" just a racial slur in the Star Wars universe?)
  • They carry spear-like weapons
  • They have silver mouthpieces over their rags
  • They ride large animals
  • "Those Tuskens walk like men, but they're vicious, mindless monsters." - Cliegg Lars

Hmmmm...certainly there are some similarities. But let's dig deeper into this. Keep in mind that Disney retconned the expanded Star Wars universe (which is basically everything except what's seen in the original 6 films, as in the comics and novels), so any info that was revealed in the expanded universe will be ignored for the sake of this argument. Keep an open mind here.

Besides the religious aspect, why do you think the Warboys cover themselves in white dust? Possibly to keep them cool in the hot desert sun? This is certainly what elephants do to keep themselves cool in the African savanna. Tatooine doesn't appear to have white dust for the Warboys to cover themselves in, so they would need another method of staying out of the sun: covering themselves in rags, possibly? People do this in the Middle East, so who's to say that the Warboys wouldn't cover themselves in rags to escape the hot sun in a radiated atmosphere?

Another idea is while they are protecting themselves from the sun, they could also be horribly mutated. During Fury Road, it was clearly seen that the radiation that “ended” the world had mutated the people. The leader of the Warboys, Immortan Joe, practically wears body armor to hide his disgusting bloated form. His right hand midget (or little person) has no legs, only feet (possibly a prehistoric Hutt or Jawa?). When we “see” Immortan Joe’s unborn child, the child doesn’t appear to have fully developed skin and it’s all veiny. The rags could also possibly be for hiding the people’s irradiated bodies after they run out of materials.

Now let's look at the mouthpieces of each group. The Warboys wear no mouthpieces, but Immortan Joe wears one as a breathing apparatus.

Let's look at a Tusken Raider mouthpiece. Notice the silver pieces on and around the mouth:

The Warboys do, however, spray-paint their mouths silver when they're prepared to die because of religion. See a similarity? Now there are some more obvious similarities, such as the similar weaponry. While the Warboys use spears for throwing and such, the Tusken Raiders use weapons very similar to those, called gaderffii, or gaffi stick.

Looks pretty similar to a spear, doesn’t it? Now, I think that’s all the evidence needed to prove that the Warboys are ancestors of the Tusken Raiders. Now let’s look at Furiosa:

Anybody will notice that she’s missing an arm, and which family in the Star Wars universe seem to always be missing arms? If you guessed the Skywalkers, you’d be correct. Now I’m not saying that Furiosa is an ancestor of the Skywalkers, but her bionic arm, however, is the point of my argument here. A number of sci-fi movies have cyborg-type goings on, but let’s look at the arms. Furiosa’s bionic arm is large, clunky, and is detachable. By the time the Star Wars prequels happen in this timeline, the cybernetics industry has apparently flourished. Here’s Anakin’s arm:

The cybernetics industry has been shown to evolve DURING the Star Wars movies, as by the time The Empire Strikes Back rolls around, they put nifty fake skin on the hand, so it’s clear that these bionic arms are constantly evolving.

Is it so crazy to think that Furiosa is wearing a prototype of what Anakin and Luke will eventually wear? I don’t think so.

Now, what could have happened between Mad Max: Fury Road and the Star Wars films to turn Earth into Tatooine?

This part is open to interpretation. Because the expanded universe has been retconned, all the accounts of before The Phantom Menace, so there are countless possibilities about how the universe was until Disney unveils anything official. Here’s my idea:

The nuclear war ravaged all of the Earth, not just Australia. The oceans dried up and all of the planet’s water stayed underground, which is where Immortan Joe got his water source and possibly why the Luke’s farm in A New Hope is underground. Earth became a dried up wasteland and the animals who didn’t all die out evolved and were mutated by the radiation of the nuclear war. Some humans mutated, including the Warboys, but some of the sane-ish humans, such as Max and Furiosa were barely affected, if not at all. Humans survived, but there weren’t that many left.

Left to their own devices, the humans eventually were contacted by aliens, who assumed that the planet was completely deserted. Many aliens settled there, and helped to build numerous towns and spaceports across the habitable parts of the planet, such as Mos Eisley. Many humans went with the aliens that traveled to and from the spaceport, spreading their population across the galaxy. Eventually, the planet was renamed Tatooine to differentiate itself from the planet it once was. All this was forgotten throughout history, and Tatooine was seen as just another planet, and it built up a reputation for being a cesspool of crime and poor farmers, and became the planet we know and love today.

I do admit that this theory has some holes, such as the mysterious second sun.

Could this possibly be a star that is in another solar system? It’s a red star, and red stars are much, much larger than white or yellow stars, so it could appear the same size as the yellow star, but it could be much farther away. Or could this be an illusion thanks to Tatooine/Earth’s now irradiated atmosphere? I don’t know the answer to those questions, but if any of you have any ideas on how to expand this theory, comment below and let me know what you think! Thanks again for reading this crazy theory!


What do you think about Max Max: Fury Road and Star Wars taking place in the same timeline?


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