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Slade Wilson is one of the most badass supervillains in Dc univers , but who's the most badass between the live action appearance (Arrow) and the comics apearance ? I'm gonna give bothe origins storys and suits , than just leave it to you to decide !

Arrow's Deathstok Origins Story

Played by Manu Bennett . He's origins story begins with Oliver on the island , then been injected with a sirom called The Miracuro ! That's how he became as fast and as strog as we know him , but at the end of season2 we saw that he lost his Miracuro power and became just a normal human .

Comic's Deathstrok Origins :

First appearing in 1991's Deathstroke The terminator #1 . Origenaly he was a soldier at the USA army who was looking to complete an experimant called the Perfect Soldier , so Slade volunteered to be the subject and was injected with a power sirom . After that he was fired from the army for being agrasev . So he became a criminal hunter to provite his family .After his son got killed by a terrorist , he used his power for revange . But after his wife dicoverd that he killed the terrorist she went crazy and shot him in the eye than left him !

Arrow's Deathstrok

As we can see it's not an armor but it's just a basic suit with alot of weapons and amo . And i gota say he looks shorter in this suit !

Comic's Deathstroke

This one looks a little bit like an armor to me . It has the shielded sholders and chest , also it has many swords and weapons . Looks great to me !


So who do you think is the winner ?


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