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By Sonny Long

Now that we've had a chance to watch both Age of Ultron and Days of Future Past, the two superhero movies from the same comic company, but different movie studios, it's time to sit down and determine which had us gripped to the edge of our seats in excitement more than the other. And also appreciate that they were awesome in their own ways. However, we do have to point out that each studio decided to use a similar character: Quicksilver. Let's talk about that.

There's been speculation that Fox used Quicksilver in Days of Future Past to spite Marvel, seeing as the rights to the character are kind of funky at the moment, with both studios calling claims to the character. But most people are now calling bull on that rumor. Most rational people just appreciate that Quicksilver is an awesome character and that we got to see two different, very awesome versions of him in two great movies. That being said, if you have any news on why either studio really decided to use him, let us know in the comments, because we'll be moving on here in a moment to the real debate: Which movie did Quicksilver better?

Let's analyze each version.

Quicksilver in Age of Ultron

The Quicksilver we meet in Age of Ultron is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and... well, he can run really fast. That's his power, after all. Oh, and he has a vague Eastern European accent. In the Marvel movies, since Marvel Studios does not own the rights to have the X-Men in film, they cannot use the term "mutant," and Fox cannot use the term "Avengers," Quicksilver has no affiliation with his X-Men brothers and is apparently not a mutant. Instead, he and his twin sister, Scarlet Witch, are given a different origin for their powers; their abilities derive from genetic testing.

Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver in Age of Ultron, has a humorous adversarial relationship with Hawkeye that leads to one of the most emotional moments in a Marvel movie so far. It leads to the first death of an Avenger: Quicksilver. It appears that even for how fast Quicksilver is in the movie, he still could not outrun Ultron flying in and shooting him up. Sure, he did not die in vain, seeing as he managed to save Hawkeye and a child, but his powers could not stretch as far as we had hoped. R.I.P. Quicksilver.

Let's see how Days of Future Past Quicksilver stacks up.

Quicksilver in Days of Future Past

Evan Peters, the Quicksilver actor from Days of Future Past, literally stole the show in his movie during the Pentagon kidnapping scene. Even with the star power of Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence present, we still found ourselves wanting more of the young actor playing the speedy, fidgety superhero. In this incarnation, Quicksilver is a mutant and hinted to be Magneto's son. But let's talk about that awesome Pentagon scene.

Just after our heroes believe they're about to pull off the greatest heist ever, guards come around the corner and cut Wolverine and friends off. Words are exchanged, tensions rise, and eventually the guards end up shooting their guns. Time apparently stops and the camera zooms in on our hero, Quicksilver, who smiles and takes a moment to put on his headphones. He begins running around the room, up the wall, and to the guards as the others in the room appear to be frozen in time. The cocky teenager even takes the time to poke one of the guards, as well as steal another's hat before addressing the real danger in the room. Finally, he deals with the incoming bullets and points them slightly to the side, away from our other heroes.

After the Pentagon scene, we don't see much more of Quicksilver, effectively blue balling the audience. Thanks, Bryan Singer. Thanks a lot.


We apologize if the analysis seemed biased. We really do love both movies and both incarnations of the character. The only thing about the character that was similar in both movies was that each left us wanting more of the character. But now, we want to hear from you. Which movie did the character of Quicksilver more justice? Vote below and leave a comment as to why you believe one was better than the other. Thanks for reading and share this post so we can get more votes to come to a real conclusion!


Which movie had the better Quicksilver?

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