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I think we can all agree that the face of Freddy Krueger has begun an era in horror movies from the very beginning. His trademark humor and design was what started the film franchise, a nightmare on elm street. His iconic glove surely gives his design that edge. But is the glove enough to make a good Freddy Krueger? Can you change the rest of his design and still have a good Freddy Krueger?

In the 2010 reboot of the nightmare on elm street franchise, they decided to change his look a bit. His face was more sleek, and he didn't seem as burned as he should have. They could have mimicked the original design to give it that same Freddy feel but instead they went a whole different direction. They gave him a look that was less lovable and just more crude. Part of why the franchise did so well was because of his lovable design and humor. He was scary but not to the point where it was off putting. Freddy's design was more comical in the beginning and that's part of why people loved him so much. With the 2010 reboot they took a way the visually humorous aspects and left him with a small amount of humorous lines.

The 2010 reboot was definitely meant more to scare than to make us smile. The originals had just as much humor in them as they had scary moments, but with the 2010 reboot they took out much of the humor and left the scare. The movie itself was not a bad movie and it was quite good, but it didn't have really the same feel as the original films in the franchise. The way Robert englund depicted Freddy set a bar for the character and the franchise. And unless you can mimick that design and feel of how Robert englund portrayed Freddy then it's not gonna be the same feeling you get when watching the originals with Robert englund.


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