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Is Barry ‘Fast Enough’ to disrupt the well laid plans of Pseudo-Wells?

All is literally up in the air after last week’s episode of The Flash. With a couple episodes to distract us from Pseudo-Wells’ true - yet to be fully explained - agenda, tonight’s new episode is tantalizingly, balanced on a knife edge; where we either face the true motives of Eobard Thawne - and revive real-Wells - or be left hanging after a series of ambiguous distractions.

Hopefully, last week’s episode was intentionally another calm before the storm, and not the same let down we experienced during the first appearance of Everyman.

So, let’s review last week’s episode of The Flash, to prepare for tonight’s season finale!

Wentworth Miller, and some less-cool people.
Wentworth Miller, and some less-cool people.

Exciting, in the admittedly, lack luster episode - barring the final few minutes - was Iris’ developing role in the team. Being more than a motivational speaker for all things Barry, Iris physically cemented herself within the team this episode, with a take down of her own meta-human. No longer one to be protected, Iris holds more exciting prospects than just her endearing sass, and her endgame relationship with Barry.

Also becoming more pivotal than the catalyst of Barry’s origin story is, the Particle accelerator. Is the reactivation of this device, pivotal to Eobard’s return to the past? - well, the the older-past? Whilst Barry can muster up the speed to time travel, our struggling Pseudo-Wells may be left even weaker after his all-star team up battle, and losing his Duracell battery wheelchair. It would appear that he’s reliant on harnessing the origin of Barry’s speed i.e. said accelerator, to time travel once more.

Also, will this finally address the geographically vague appearance of the - since frosted-quasi-Cyclops, and allow for several characters to come and go through time?

As shady as Cisco’s apparent knowledge of the mysterious doomsday machine may seem, I can’t help but wonder if this is another element, lending itself towards Cisco’s historical timeline encyclopedia, that he accesses in his dreams.

Perhaps nostalgically mislead by the inherent goodness of Wentworth Miller when he plays his Prison Break character, I am left disappointed at the betrayal of his word to Barry Allen. Wishing for some of that Heatwave camaraderie, Captain Cold’s one liners, were still definitely an upside to the episode.

Still not over Prison Break.
Still not over Prison Break.

A bit put off by the shade (am I using that right? I may be 22, but I know nothing of my own generation) against Oliver Queen; who deserves to be happy -until next season at least - Joe motivates Barry into an all-star team up with said Oliver Queen, and Firestorm.

Perhaps out of a subconscious understanding of the historical ramifications, Barry is the good guy once more. Instead of killing him, even with an assassin on-side, he disables Wells with Ray Palmer’s nano tech (THANKS RAY, Spoiler: Hopefully looking forward to some Dr Palmer cameos once he regains full height next season. Spoiler: Thanks DC for not killing him).

With the briefest of non-consequential stints to Nanda Parbat, Barry continues to fight with an inevitable battle of words, and time travel races between our two speedsters.

As the season is due to come to an end, Barry’s opening narrative comes to mind upon considering its conclusion. Have we really found out who killed Barry’s mother? and will he get justice for his Father?

I have a suspect, yet hopeful feeling, that both Barry and his audience i.e. us, have been mislead and are in for some serious sh*t to hit the fan tonight. From this one-sided perspective, last week’s episode dropped some serious hints that we’ve been lead on a very narrow, and blinded path thus far.

With Pseudo-Wells’ dark ramblings, what HAS been taken from Eobard Thawne? Considering his origin from a future timeline, will this be something we see unfold next season? or are we to discover it this season, with the need to prevent the rendering of Barry’s actions as pointless; via the proxy of Eddie Thawne?

Without doubt, one thing to look forward to tonight, is the arrival of Killer Frost! in whichever form she chooses to appear.

See a clip from tonight's new episode! airing at 8/7c on the CW!


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