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Alrighty, so trickling down the line here has been an article assessing individual creator's alignment (Hero or Villain), their 3 powers, and their hypothetical nemesis. So, without further adieu here we go!

Hero or Villain?

This is tricky. I don't really think of myself as either, I really think I'm more of an Anti-Hero. With that being said, I suppose for the sake of the article and remaining relevant I'll have to say (Anti)Hero. I like helping people and always try to come to the girl's rescue (I mean, in a non-creepy as hell way).    source source

My Three Powers!

Any hero you've heard of always has at least one power or ability or affinity that makes them "super", right? Luckily, I was alotted three with which to strut my hero-y stuff.

Basically, my ultimate goal is to make a metric shit-ton of money and buy a country or planet or something. In addition to funding my own personal ventures. Mo' Money Mo' Financial stability and superficial joy.


My first power would as a (n anti) hero would obviously be some sort of invulnerability (like Luke Cage) or regenerative capability (Deadpool). Because let's face it, how can I (anti) hero when everyone beats the hell out of me? I can only pick one of the two for one power so let's jot down the Hyper-Regenerative abilities.

I'll need a way to heal bullet wounds and the like without a doctor or hospital while I'm out and about murdering people and kidnapping warlords for money.


(no the picture isn't relevant but I liked it)
(no the picture isn't relevant but I liked it)

Yes, agility! A hero needs to be flexible and acrobatic, and it would take a superpower for me to be able to anything but get off the couch. Joking aside, It'd be nice to not get shot because I couldn't react fast enough.

Agility would assist in dodging bullets, chasing down targets, moving across terrain on foot, and looking really, really badass.

Last But Not Least, Preflex!

The ultimate in a (n anti) hero's arsenal! The ability to sense danger before there is danger. It's like there isn't even danger which makes this kind of paradoxical and nonsensical but sometimes things happen like that and you have to roll with the punches. Let's be honest though, who wouldn't want spidey sense just to dick around with?

Is that a bullet? *sidestep* Whoa sword *dodge roll* HOLY SHIT HE TELEPORTED BEHIND ME *PANICKED STABBING*

My Nemesis

Ahh, the nemesis, the classic recurring obnoxious opponent I am destined to always trump and outwit. Of all the characters that I am aware of I would have to say my nemesis is (IAN SIMPSON YOU DIRTY SHIBE MEISTER) probably be Doomsday.

He's indestructible, super-strong, and nigh mindless. He's obviously stronger than me, but with my regenerative capabilities paired with my agility he'd never do any lasting damage, especially with my preflex. Obviously I'd need assistance every time I came against him (why didn't this include a sidekick?) but that'd fit me perfectly (as long I get all the moolah).

So! There you have it, I'm a good (ish) guy. A very greedy one, but I get the bloody job done (When am I getting paid for this?) and I do it damn well. (I'm supposed to tag people to get them to do this as well but I'm still new to the site and don't have anyone to challenge).


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