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Meet Tsunami Vetrone

“I’m not sure what’s more intoxicating, seeing people drown in their sorrows, or
ultimately seeing the people drown.” – Tsunami Vetrone

Legion of Super Vixens

Tsunami “Tsu” Vetrone

Tsunami aka Tsu is the daughter of King Octopian and Queen Narissa who live in the deep dark parts of ocean known as Dead Man’s Trench. King Octopian and his brother King Caspian (who now owns the Majestic Haven) had a falling out, when Octopian insisted that he ruled the Ethereal Waters. However, Caspian had found out that Octopian didn’t want to protect Majestic Haven or the Ethereal Waters at all. Instead, Caspian learned that Octopian planned on using the Ethereal Water’s magical powers to conspire against his brother and take full advantage of what the Ethereal Water’s had to offer. Legends say that those who bathe in the Ethereal Water’s will have full reign over the ocean, but the catch to that is they must be pure of heart, mind and soul. When it came time to choose the successor, their father chose Caspian, seeing that his intentions were pure.

When this happened, Octopian left the Majestic Haven and headed towards Dead Man’s Trench. Dead Man’s trench was a forbidden part of the ocean that those who went into it never could come back. It’s water’s were contaminated with utter darkness and despair, those who enter it, live in nothing but regret and anger.

When Tsunami was born, there seemed to be a little lightness that had entered the Trench. Narissa who was forced into marriage by Octopian was ecstatic that she was blessed with a little girl. Octopian wanted nothing to do with her because he wanted a son.

As Tsunami got older, Octopian began growing quite fond of her presence. She was beautiful, stern and her battle tactic was strong. Octopian often would set aside some time just for her to teach her some battle tactics and strategies. She was quick, and loved to flaunt all her battle tactics and strategies to the soldiers that worked for her father.

Her mother became annoyed that her husband had been paying more attention to their daughter, that she started drawing in other soldiers to satisfy her own needs.

When Octopian found out he had became furious and had banished her and her lovers, only to be left with half as many soldiers and the new love of his life, his daughter Tsunami.

One day, when Tsunami was milling about in the dark trench, her father approached her and told her that she was to be married off to the soldier who completed the task of destroying the Majestic Haven and giving them access to the Ethereal Waters.

Tsunami who was often stubborn as could be refused to marry a soldier who completed her father’s task because she insisted she isn’t just some prize to be won! Her anger caused an uprising in the ocean, causing mass destruction and damage to the earth. This shocked everyone around her, including her father. Now that he knew what his daughter was capable of, he made a deal saying that if she completes the mission, then she can be free to marry whom she pleases. Of course, she immediately accepted giving that she didn’t plan to marry anyone ever! She liked her alone time, just as anyone would. But when her father sends her to Super Heroine High, everything begins to change when she meets Lance Brookes for the first time.

Soon she can no longer control her powers, as a new feeling began to develop within her. What could it be? Could it be love?


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