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1. Our Childhoods Are Coming Back!

I know I can't speak for everyone on this, but I used to play Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong (Dankey Kang heh), and a lot of the other "old" or "retro" style games. I remember Pac-Man (I rage-quit), and Donkey Kong (rage-quit), an- ok I ragequit most of these games but they were still awesome damn it!

2. The Cast Is... Decent

While I can't say much about it, I'm aware of who maybe 5 of the cast members are and they're good enough to make me wanna see this movie. Adam Sandler isn't the best actor or comedian by a long shot, but the man appeals to my childish side and a little to the part of that enjoys physical humor. Kevin James is just annoying sometimes but when he's good, he's pretty good. Peter Dinklage! Peter freakin' Dinklage man!

3. Generation Gap Melding (possibly)

Most of you are aware, or at least should be aware, that young people and not as young people have issues connecting to one another. Given that all the games in the movie were real at one point and most of us have played at least one, at least once, it can be assumed that at least a few people are going to bond or connect on some level. I mean, it's bound to give a few people something in common.

4. It Genuinely Seems Funny

So far I've seen both trailers for Pixels (I've been so gracious as to drop the second one below for your viewing pleasure) for the movie and through their entirety I found every punch line amusing at least to some degree. Though it isn't the more 'adult' humor I've become accustomed to, it still seems to appeal to most audiences (speculation).

5. Dude, Peter. Dinklage!



Which retro game are you most excited to see in Pixels?


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