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Its been 22 years ever since the tv series of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came and turn everyone's life into a "Morphinanic". With the reboot still in production there is no photo concept arts nor photo shoots that they are filming at this time. It was suppose to coming in theaters next year of 2016 but they are pushing it to 2017 with the upcoming films next year such Captain America Civil War, Batman V Superman: Dawn of the Justice, Deadpool, and TMNT 2 there is no point of having another superhero to come in and compete with them.

Ever since the 1995 Power Rangers the movie, critics were disappointed and had negative feedbacks on the movie, but it does deserve reboot and how will the story be like for this whole new Power Ranger movie. They say it'll be dark like the Transformer movies and Tim Burton's Batman (1989). The design of the suits hopefully will be upgraded and to be a almost sort Iron Manish suits.

May not show all 7 but perhaps it'll be a possibile
May not show all 7 but perhaps it'll be a possibile

I would say they should make a trilogy, if the first film does any good and to be success. As long they keep the movie to be similar to the tv series then it'll go on to be great and a childhood memories for us that we've grown up and to know these incredible heroes.


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