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Growing up, there were two major franchises that stuck with me my entire childhood. The first was Star Wars and the other was... well, you read the title of the post, right? For those who have never heard of this, here's a link to the wiki page.

Get everything you needed to know? Good. Let's move forward. Seeing as Star Wars is getting a revival of sorts later this year, why can't Bionicle? True it's nowhere near as popular, but it has so much potential to make an epic cinematic franchise! So, I'm here to discuss who I would want involved in it. Let's start with who should be sitting in the director's chair. And for this position, I choose...

Kenneth Branagh

Branagh is well versed in many film genres directing films including but not limited to Thor, Cinderella and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. It is particularly the fantasy aspects of Thor and Cinderella that make me believe that he would be the perfect candidate to be behind the camera of a new Bionicle movie. But the director can't do everything behind the camera like special effects and whatnot. We also need a producer and for that position, I choose...

Guillmero Del Toro

Hack, you all know who he is! Del Toro also has handle a mish-mash of genres, particularly fantasy, with a touch of horror, with films like Pan's Labyrinth, the Hobbit Trilogy and his upcoming film Crimson Peak, and action sci-fi with the Hellboy films and, what will soon be, the Pacific Rim franchise and his visual style(s) and ideas would fit perfectly into the world of Bionicle. But no movie is complete without music, so now let's get into...

The Soundtrack

Ed Sheeran, Cryoshell and Howard Shore
Ed Sheeran, Cryoshell and Howard Shore

Now I would want this movie to have two sets of music: a various artists list and of course, the background score. Aside from a compilation of songs that would fit the film's elements, the varying artists soundtrack would feature original songs from Ed Sheeran and Cryoshell. Ed Sheeran would be a must because of this little gem that was a part of the soundtrack for another fantasy epic.

And Cryoshell would contribute because their music has been used multiple times in the franchise with songs like "Bye Bye Babylon" and "Gravity Hurts." But now to a more pressing area. As for the background music, who better than Academy Award Winner Howard Shore, who's done music for films like Hugo and, of course, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.

But now to a more pressing area. It's time for...

The Cast

It's time to bring the heroes of the island of Mata Nui to life. And let us start with the most agile of the group. To play Toa Lewa, I choose...

Tom Hiddleston

Best known as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom has that level of charisma that would fit the free spirited and wise Master of Jungle phenomenally.

Next we have the hulking yet lovable Master of Earth. To play Toa Onua, I choose...

Vin Diesel

He can kick tons of behind any-which anywhere, but can also bring on the feels when he needs to, which can be seen more than once in his role in the Fast and Furious franchise as Dom Toretto, all of which would be needed to bring the mighty Onua to life.

Now it's time to cast the calm and collected yet awesome and behind kicking Toa Kopaka, and to play him, I choose...

Michael Fassbender

What hasn't this guy been in or is yet to be in? Fassbender is truly a fantastic actor who you can always count on to give great performance no matter what he's in, whether he's playing the villainous Magneto or the innovative Steve Jobs. I can think of no one better to play the Master of Ice.

Now we come to one of the lighter characters of the bunch, Toa Pohatu. To play the Master of Stone, I choose...

Alan Tudyk

Best known as Wash from Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity, Tudyk knows how to maintain the perfect level of serious and comedy in whatever role. Even in the greatest of crises, he'll find someway to lighten the mood, making him the obvious choice for the role of Pohatu. Next we have, sadly, the only female character, Toa Gali, and to play her, I choose...

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline often plays characters where they may seem sweet and helpless, but mess with her and you'll regret it. Which is fitting for the Master of Water. Gali is the heart of the group; the one that does her best to keep her brothers and herself united and strong, very similar to Evangeline's character, Kate, on Lost.

And now we come to the leader of the team. The Blazing Hero, the Master of Fire. To play Toa Tahu, I choose...

Richard Armitage

You know him best as the King under the Mountain, Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit which is basically all you need to see why he is the perfect choice for Tahu. He's brash yet brave. He is stubborn yet strong. He is reclusive and mysterious yet he cares greatly for those closest to him. If those traits don't scream Tahu, I don't know what does.

But no fantasy epic is complete without a great villain. Now the Toa would most likely face a classic villain group from the franchise like the Bohrok, the Rahkshi or perhaps simply battling through hoards of Rahi. But someone has to be pulling the strings. Someone has to be the cause of the conflicts out hero Toa must face. To play the maniacal Makuta, I choose none other than...

Idris Elba

With that deep booming voice, Idris Elba would bring all the menace and horror needed to play this universe's equivalent of the devil. He would make a truly great foil to our ensemble of heroes who seek to defend the inhabitants of Mata Nui from his clutches. Most would go straight for the master of epic voices, Benedict Cumberbatch, but I feel that that would be too obvious. It's practically typecasting to put him in roles like this.

Now some of you are probably wondering "How would this film work? Would it be animated? Would it be live action? What?" Which leads into our next point...

The Production Style

So to answer the question of whether or not it would be animated, the answer is "Not really." By that I mean, it would not be entirely animated. If it's a fully CG film, it would have to be a family comedy and that is absolutely NOT what this would be. This film be a Live Action/CGI hybrid film. Don't freak out. I'm not bringing them to our world like Master's of the Universe and the Smurfs did. This would remain entirely in their universe. At some point down the line we would get into exploring other parts of the universe but this first once or two films would most likely remain on Mata Nui. What this would mean for the cast would be that the film would be shot with Motion Capture/Performance Capture like the apes from the recent Planet of the Apes movies, only, of course, there would be no human characters whatsoever. The characters would be designed to look like techno-organic beings because that's what they are and that is the type of world they inhabit, a world full of techno-organic creatures and humanoids. But this doesn't mean everything would be computer generated. There would be plenty of landmarks and set design to display the different tribes and cultures of the Bionicle universe.

So what about you? Would you like to see a theatrical Bionicle movie and who would you want to be involved with it? Let me know below.


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