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Hi there!

If you've found yourself on this page, it's probably because one of the three lovely people seen above linked you to it! Or you might have found us at random, which is pretty rad. You might be wondering... What is 'Work in Progress'? And that's exactly what this post is here for!

We three creators decided that we wanted to make YouTube videos of various video gaming shenanigans, but we knew that we didn't have the time to be able to do all this on our own and keep the channel active. So, together, we created Work In Progress (WIP), so that we can all contribute to one channel and not feel overwhelmed.

We named ourselves WIP because we will always be adding onto our group and refining it. We have many plans with this group, and we hope that it continuously grows. We'll never truly be finished. Once we gain more momentum, we might even be able to do things such as hosting some Moviepilot tournaments in various games, such as Mario Kart!

We won't necessarily have scheduled videos, but we've planned to do solo Let's Plays, co-op and multiplayer games, along with some other little surprises here and there. The three of us have very different interests, and we believe that will show in what games we play. For instance, Nick and Cassie like playing horror games, where Jack does not, making multiplayer horror games pretty entertaining.

For now, it will just be us three regulars. But we hope to include other Moviepilot gamers in on some of the multiplayer fun. Those videos will be recorded, edited, and uploaded showcasing the best and funniest bits. However, it might be a little while until we do this, since we'll be getting our feet wet first, as well as us all having busy schedules.

As said previously, we have many big plans! We can't wait for you guys to do this with us! So be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter, and keep your eyes peeled for videos coming soon!

Thanks for listening! That's all for now!


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