ByCaleb McConahay, writer at
Caleb McConahay

At the end of Age of Ultron we see everyone have their "happy ending". Thor goes back home, Tony is thinking of a simple life and Caps training a new team. Now all this seems good but it just felt like something was missing.

Where's Bruce!?

After they defeat Ultron and everything's gravy. Romanov calls Bruce when he's in the jet. She says she needs him to turn this jet around and go home. Then we see the Hulk reach for her and accidentally shuts off the connection between them, or was it an accident. If it was he would get frustrated or a little mad at him self, but instead we saw him sit down calmly and drive the jet.

Planet Hulk?

Now we know in the middle of the movie after the hulk buster scene (one of my favorite scenes) Bruce was really shaken up about what he'd done and how the world saw the true Hulk and really a lot of the movie is hinting to Bruce getting the feeling that he's a monster. But could this lead him to exile himself from the earth? I know I would love to see an independent Hulk movie!


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