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This is the story of a NASA Astronaut going into space in the year 1987 for a deep probe mission. A freak accident caused the ship to veer out of course and into an orbit 1000x more vast, and sent it's lone pilot CPT. William "Buck" Rogers into a frozen deep sleep. The ship's orbit would return the frozen Astronaut to Earth....500 years later.

BUCK ROGERS baby! From 1979-1981 this was one of my favorite sci-fi shows on TV. Buck, Colonel Wilma Deering, Dr. Elias Huer ,Princess Ardala , Dr. Theopolis, and TWIKI!

Spigot Fan Art!
Spigot Fan Art!

If you're an 80's kid like me then you're looking through your stuff for that 80's lunchbox you had right now! Oh, found it!

The show had some great episodes during it's run. I remember the one with the space vampire. This Nosferatu like creature that was after Wilma in some far out space station. The space battles against the Draconian ships were also classic! This show is definately worth a Saturday Marathon! Let's find out what the cast is up to now...

72 year old Gil Gerard was last seen playing Admiral Jack Sheehan in the fan web series Star Trek: Phase II. He still graces Comic-Cons when he can, meeting and talking with the fans. As does 65 year old Erin Gray, who still loves to talk about the show. In 2010, Gray and Gil Gerard returned to Buck Rogers by playing the characters' parents in the pilot episode of Buck Rogers web series.

87 year old Tim O'Conner was a director for The Foothill Theater Company in Nevada City, California, before it closed. He also starred in the 2011 film Dreams Awake with former co-star Erin Gray.

Pamela Hensley hasn't been seen on TV since 1984. She has published a small cookbook in 2004 called The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook under her married name, Pamela Hensley Vincent. She has been married to TV executive producer Duke Vincent since 1982.

Yea, I know. Princess Ardala no more. She's made some lucky guy her hubby and went into the TV sunset.

TV Legend Mel Blanc, the voice of Twiki died on July 10, 1989 in Los Angeles. Of course, everyone knows the list of iconic characters he's voiced over the years.

In honor of David Letterman's final show as host of the Late Show, here is an interview he did with Mel Blanc. Enjoy friends.

78 year old Felix Silla still attends conventions and takes part in fan panels for Buck Rogers. Did you know he played Cousin IT in the original Addams Family.

Wilfrid Hyde-White died in 1997. The British actor of stage, film and television, achieved international recognition as Colonel Pickering in the 1964 film My Fair Lady.

74 year old Thom Christopher won the Daytime Emmy Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for One Life to Live in 1992. He's still involved in indie projects and makes appearances from time to time.

Eric Server who voiced Dr. Theopolis guest-starred on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "The Circle" and Battlestar Galactica "The Magnificent Warriors".

BUCK ROGERS had some cool fighter ships too. Buck's THUNDERFIGHTER and Hawks ship were two of my favorite. Well, enough said. I hope now you all will take some time and watch this classic sci-fi series. Totally worth it!



Dinner with Princess Ardala or Wilma Deering?


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