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So I think it would be an amazing thing to see both horror icons go at it still to this day one of my favourite horror movies is Freddy vs. Jason because of how they brought both characters into a great movie. I also very much enjoy the Halloween movies too and went crazy about the Halloween 20 years later with Jamie lee Curtis because it turned out great. Now I do think the two brute horror killing machines going at it would be great but in all fairness I do believe and would like to see Jason win if they were to fight because Jason has been brought back to life so many times and Michaels head was chopped clean off in the 20 yrs later Halloween also on an unrelated note I purchased Jason on my mortal kombat X game and was happy to see how he is just like how he is in the movies but back to the movie I have some great thoughts that I would love to see and I don't want to be one to throw my ideas in because I'm just a fan but if I could plan the movie in how I think it should go some key parts I think would make it good would be how they meet (Jason and Michael) because they can't just stumble upon eachother like nothing happened what i think should happen is Michael should follow his victims out to where they try to hide and take refugee in (of course) camp crystal lake where Jason comes out looking for them leaving lots of suspense and having them all on their seats and Jason kills some of them off while they think it was Michael until some people are running from Michael and some people are running from Jason and they meet up on the pier where Jason drowned by and while Jason and Michael come face to face it gives the kids enough time to get out and get a head start on when the two will attack next or it could be the conclusion to the movie if done right and from Freddy vs Jason they saw how freddys arm was cut off and same with his head I think they should have something of his above the camp crystal lake sign either his hat or claw or even his head to show that connection that Jason was the previous victor (which looks to be a tie) but know that Jason is going to be an even bigger badder version than ever and most people would ask how would

michael come back? Well u could either find some way or simply put it as some killer who knew Jamie's characters family and turned to a killer and thought to bring that memory back to haunt her so she never met Michael she met some unintroduced friend went bad and Michael was still out there but it's just some ideas I really hope u consider them and some are a little out there but as I said please consider them and if u do actually by chance look into it or do something with them it would be great to hear back or even mention my name somewhere and send me the link or something to find it that would be amazing and sorry for the long message


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