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Izzy Wizzy

So i have always heard of that song you know the one called the good the bad and the ugly.

I never knew it was for a movie i just thought they were making fun of people lol then again begin at a young age what did i know.

What can i say this movie is super duper wonderful i loved it every minute of it.

It had tuns of action and fight scenes i did like this one i didn't think i would but i did.

I did watch four of the dirty hairy movies i also liked them still haven't watched the fifth but i can say this movie is better then them.

I don't know but Clint Eastwood is just better back set in the old times with gun fights burning buildings horse chases the romance.

Overall if you like gun fights and you want something to get you off your problems this is the movie to do that it starts out a little slow but by the end your on the ledge of your seat.


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