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I've been thinking a lot since Ben Affleck was announced as Batman about the age old question: Who was a better Batman? I even did a YouTube video on it between Christian Bale and Michael Keaton...

So Now I run through all my comparisons here with you guys in hopes of seeing the differing opinions on the topic.

My rating are based on the entirety of the character, being able to capture both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Now before we start, I am (against my better judgement) including Val Kilmer and George Clooney because as much as we all hate to admit it... when we were kids (I myself am a 90s baby) we still thought it was pretty awesome.

So Here we go...


The Classics
The Classics

Movies: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992)

My Rating: 7/10

Reason: Keaton was the Batman of the time and the Batman of Tim Burton. Many took issue with the height but overall as a child and now as an adult I still enjoyed his performance. I feel he captured the essence of Bruce Wayne in a small sense however it could have also been something explored a bit more in those films.

Now on to the performance of Batman, much enjoyed and Burton-esque, however (as we see in more recent portrayals) the darker aspects the thrilling suspense we saw in the comics wasn't quite there for me.

Next up....

Val Kilmer


Movies: Batman Forever (1995)

My Rating: 7/10 (don't kill me just wait)

Reason: This was tough, to me Kilmer had the Bruce Wayne aspect so much better than Keaton. However his performance of Batman, was lacking plenty. It was kind of preppy more than that of Keaton but still better than Clooney (we all know its true).

As a child this movie was awesome now... ehhh I cringe a bit when i watch it. Overall this was different from the Keaton performance and I will Kilmer props for working with it.

Now the most hated Batman ever....

George Clooney

Dawn of the BatNips
Dawn of the BatNips

Movies: Batman and Robin (1997)

My Rating: 1/10 (generously >__<)

Reasons: Well Clooney has all of the Bruce Wayne but NONE of the Batman....


Nuff said... just NO!

and lastly

Christian Bale

Patrick Bateman no more!
Patrick Bateman no more!

Movies: Batman Begins (2005), Dark Knight (2008) and Dark Knight Rises(2012)

My Rating: 7/10 (Hear me out Nolanites!)

Reasons: Bale (personally) captured the essence of Batman extremely well. As much as I make fun and impersonate his voice (which is quite frequent ask my friends!) I feel her really excelled in the field of Batman especially the whole "one rule" thing and the impact of Rachel's death.

Let's not get me started on Batman Begins and Dark Knight he was a great Bruce Wayne as well in BB he had the reckless billionaire playboy thing going perfectly. In TDK it was there again especially during his first dinner with Rachel and Harvey. However, in TDKR it took a more serious tone which is understandable for the Nolanverse but still was slightly disappointed.

My conclusion of comparing the two greatest Batmen ever for me (Bale and Keaton) can be in this video i did about two years ago seen here:

Thanks for tuning in and let me know what you guys would like to hear about from me!

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