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Let me tell you, this is what my brain was like when Wells told Cisco he was exposed:

So he is a meta-human after all. He's a late bloomer. Like an entire season late. And with that said, let's talk about tonight's season finale of The Flash.

So besides some major revelations about Cisco unfolding, we also witness some other incredible things. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Please refer to the GIF above.

Now, we already know that Eddie Thawne is an ancestor to Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash. And if Eddie were to say, be murdered, the the Reverse Flash would cease to exist. Then it all came to a point where Caitlin couldn't wait to finally marry the person she's been waiting to marry for a long time. Like, since Season 1 long time.

And they finally accomplished that very thing. They were married by the surprisingly-a-rabbi Professor Stein. There's a lot more to Professor Stein than just being a second head to Ronnie as Firestorm and being responsible for the Firestorm Matrix in the first place. After that, Barry confronted his demon that is the Reverse Flash and asked the unthinkable question: "How do we do this?"

The Reverse Flash finally told Barry how this would work out. Barry had so many doubts about whether he should do this or not. So he referred to some family and friends for help. His father suggested that he not do this because he would stop himself from becoming the man he is today, the Flash that is. And he was right. If you want to know more, please refer to the DC Animated Film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, based on the DC story arc obviously titled Flashpoint.

So Barry went ahead and went back to the night of his mother's murder. But he purposely didn't do anything. His future self must have signaled him it's best to leave it this way. Before leaving, our Flash said his goodbyes to his mother and told her that everyone in his time is okay. Heartbreaking, but sweet. Afterwards, he returned home to his timeline. Right where Eobard was about to leave, something came out of the portal. Can you guess it? It was Jay Garrick's, the Silver Age Flash's, metal helmet. As Barry came in out of the portal, he came in with fists ready and crashed through the Reverse Flash's time machine. And by the way, he mentioned Rip Hunter building the first time machine. So, that's setting up for DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Reverse Flash is now officially pissed off and ready to kill Flash, but before he even gets a chance to lay a finger on Barry, Eddie shoots himself. Can you guess what's next? Eddie's dead, and Eobard no longer exists. Unfortunately, the real Harrison Wells is still dead, but as long as the psychotic Reverse Flash is erased from history, everyone's fine. Except for Iris, who witnessed the love of her life kill himself. Goodbye, Edward Thawne, forever.

But as the rubble clears, the unstable black hole slowly becomes an even more massive black hole over Central City. Which could have meant the end of all life on Earth. Until science and the Flash came into play.

So will the Flash save the day from a life-changing catastrophe? We'll find out when Season 2 of The Flash premieres this fall! See ya then!


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