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A lot of people have been excited about the first two installments of the silent hill series. But will there be a third one? Currently the creators of the first two say no. And here is why:

1. The second installment of the series, silent hill revelations, only made 50 million dollars world wide while production costed 20 million dollars and distriuvtors took about 10-20% of revenue from the movie and theaters take 10-20% of revenue as well. Meaning over all the second movie did not do all that well.

2. Even though the second movie was enjoyed by a lot of people, it still didn't do quite well enough to spark much excitement for a third one.

3. In order to make a 3rd movie they'd have to buy the rights to distribute it in different regions.

There is hope for a third movie some ways down the road though. The producer of the second movie was enthusiastic about one day making another installment for the series. But will it be any time soon? No. Most likely not.

If another company decided to try and raise the money needed to make the third movie we may see a third installment but as of now there is no third movie to be planned.

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