ByTeresa Amber Harding, writer at

If you think Paul Walkers death was a hoax, please know that you sound annoying with these so called facts that you can't even give proof for. Photos can easily be photoshopped to look real and videos can be edited too if you know how to make a video look so real with special effects and all that. But what goes on through your heads to even create a page or a group about it? I get many of you are upset and keep denying the fact that he is gone and wish he was still alive, I myself wish he was still here as he was one of my favorite actors and my favorite from fast and furious since I was like 7. I had a picture from when he was in the newspaper hanging on my wall until it got ruined from moving and now I wish I still had that picture. But you are not only hurting the fans who are still at loss but Paul's friends and family as well as Rogers. How would you feel if you lost someone so close so suddenly in a tragic accident and a lot of strangers were saying it was a hoax? Please keep your hoax opinions to yourselves and let Paul and Rodger rest in peace already without all of these hoax assumptions!


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