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  • 5. Lloyd in space
  • While it may not have been a very action oriented cartoon, Lloyd in space takes the life of an ordinary boy in middle school and puts it in a unique place. Out in the galaxy where there are strange looking beings and advanced technology. This show was great because its audience could relate to Lloyd while also taking in the wonders of school and life out in the galaxy.
Lloyd in space
Lloyd in space

4. Futurama

Following the life of an ordinary Pizza Delivery boy whose life couldn't get any worse until he is frozen in time and wakes up in the 31-Century and realizes it is where he really belongs. Both the wit and humor of The Simpsons and the wonder and interest we all have about life in the future, this Matt Groening creation dominated Comedy centrals lineup for 16 seasons.


3. Duck Dodgers

With all the wit, humor, and slapstick of the Looney Tunes placed in a world loosely based on the retro-futurism of Buck Rogers. This show allowed its audience to see an incompetent spaceship captain, his stuttering swine first officer and arch enemy martian in a series that uses every ounce of creativity to show us life in a science fiction Looney Tunes universe.

2. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

With its lead character based off of one of Toy Story's favorite's, this science fiction adventure takes us through the life of Space ranger Buzz Lightyear and his rag tag group of friends as they attempt to keep the galaxy safe from the Evil Emperor Zurg. This cartoon gives us everything we love about the beloved Toy Story character while also telling us his unique backstory.

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Of course you probably knew this already, taking the top spot on the list is the show that captivated it's audiences for five and a half seasons with great storytelling, intricate plots, and colorful characters. Taking place between Episodes II and III of the Star wars universe is this somewhat dark and in depth series, a first for a show that was to be aimed primarily at young children.


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