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Well, if you ask me, we just witnessed one of the greatest feats in superhero/TV history! The Flash was my favorite TV show ever since the pilot aired, and I can't wait to see what the creators of the show have in-store for next season.

In the mean time, I would like to express my opinions of this first season and note the triumphs and defeats (if any) of the TV drama that's centered around the beloved Scarlet Speedster (if you have not seen any episodes of the series, then brace yourself for some spoilers below):

Part 1 - The Beginning (pilot)

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Alright, when I first saw the extended trailer for The Flash, I had a high level of expectations set for it – and it exceeded them! The pilot for The Flash rocked! The action was awesome, the story was great, and the characters were superb! Even if you haven't seen Barry Allen's first appearance in Arrow, you would still grow with Barry and think that he's just great... and we all know that if you can become attached to the main character quickly, then you're in for a great show!

Personally, I think that this pilot is the best series premier that I have ever seen (not just for superhero shows, but TV shows altogether); however I may not be the only one. A short time after The Flash started, CW ordered more episodes to be made, which brought the season 1 episode count from... I believe 13, to 23. It seems as if a certain Scarlet Speedster impressed the network!

Part 2 - The Middle (The Season Filler)

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Don't think that the term "season filler" sounds boring, because for a character like The Flash, this is actually what the show needs. While the central plot of Season 1 is on Reverse-Flash, the season filler was used to introduce a wide array of Flash villains that we should all be acquainted with, such as Captain Cold, Heatwave, The Mist, Weather Wizard, and so many more! Also, this part of the season introduced some extra plots, such as Ronnie Raymond revealing himself to be Firestorm, the complicated love-triangle between Barry, Iris, and Eddie, and the occasional crossovers with Arrow (which impacted certain events in the show).

As some may agree, the season filler is normally the part of the TV season where people make the true decision to either continue the show or stop watching it. The Flash handled the season filler really well, which means that anyone who watches The Flash should be able to stay engaged with it.

Part 3 - The End (Reverse-Flash)

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While The Reverse-Flash has been in the show pretty much the whole time, the true focus on him came towards the end of the season. During this time, we were able to find out about who he really is, what he's doing in Central City, and why. While some of the episodes during this time were a little soapish (just my opinion), the episodes that weren't – of which were the majority of them – were nothing short of awesome!

As for last nights episode – the season finale of the show, that death scene with Barry and his mom was just so emotional. That ruined it for me – for about ten seconds. Also, I was psyched when I started seeing and hearing the DC easter eggs, such as Reverse-Flash mentioning Rip Hunter (so excited for Legends of Tomorrow), Jay Garrick's helmet, and that quick image of Killer Frost in the Speed Force. The only thing that I hate about the season finale is that it ended with a cliff-hanger. Thanks a lot Geoff Johns! Now I have to wait three months in agony to find out what happens next! Which leads me to ask...

What next?

What will happen in Season 2 of The Flash? Who will the central villain be? What will happen between Barry and Iris? More importantly, what happens with The Flash and the stinking wormhole that's destroying Central City!?! At this point, almost everything is speculation, so the main villain for Season 2 could be:

  • Gorilla Grodd (Planet of the Apes style)
  • Killer Frost (actually Danielle Panabaker already teased it)
  • The Rogues Gallery
  • The characters of Earth-3 (just a wild guess, since The Flash is going into a wormhole)

Okay, the Earth-3 idea is a little delicate since we know that The Flash makes it back to our dimension to help the Arrow (or Green Arrow?) form the Legends of Tomorrow, but it could still happen. Anyway, I think that Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, along with Geoff Johns, have Season 2 under control.

In the end, Season 1 of The Flash was one of the best TV season for me... ever! Here's my question to leave on:


What did you think of Season 1 of The Flash?


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