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1) When Deadpool was first developed, the similarities to DC’s Deathstroke were so uncanny that they decided to name him Wade Wilson as a joke. Deathstroke’s name is Slade Wilson.

2) He was first introduced into the comic New Mutants #98 as a Villain. He was never meant to become the character he is today.

3) Raised by an abusive military father after his mother died of cancer, he fell into the wrong crowd where eventually a friend of his disarmed his father and killed him.

4) Wade Wilson gave himself the name Deadpool. He joined the Weapon-X project to obtain the healing factor in an effort to cure his cancer; the treatment not only advanced his cancer but the healing factor meant he wouldn’t die from it. Moved into a Workshop, where he and other failed government test subjects were tortured and experimented on, the “Dead Pool” was a betting pool run between the inmates. Wade was given survival odds of 1000 to 1. He beat the odds.

5) He is a proud Canadian, often referencing his home country and using terms in metric. He has been known to break the fourth wall to tease American readers, refusing to convert things into Imperial measurements.

6) Wade Wilson’s childhood hero was Captain America. Because of this, and due to a bond formed through them both being Government experiments, Steve Rogers is one of the only Marvel characters to treat Deadpool with respect.

7) Deadpool is one of the few characters to appear alongside almost every other Marvel character

8) Breaking the fourth wall, he constantly references popular culture; including currently relevant or amusing topics that are happening while his comic is being written.

9) He has been known to defeat his opposition (even previously undefeated Marvel villains) just by driving them crazy with his incessant chattering. This is how he got the title “The Merc with the Mouth”; a trait only exacerbated by being driven insane during the Weapon-X experimentation.

10) Before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson fell in love with a young prostitute named Vanessa Carlysle. After discovering he was terminally ill with cancer, he left her, instead of forcing her into a life with a dying man. They crossed paths later in life when Vanessa became the shape-shifting mutant known as Copycat.

11) The most persistent bromance in comic book history exists in Deadpool’s unfailing pursuit to make Spider-Man his best friend.

12) While generally considered to be a “morally flexible” individual with a taste for blood; Deadpool has a soft spot for children, animals and those in need.

13) The 2nd time Deadpool died, 4 false versions of him appeared, each representing different aspects of himself. While the first 3 versions of himself were Superheroic, Psychopathic and Comedic, the 4th version was only capable of saying the phrase “No Pickles”.

14) He can not only survive through nuclear explosions, re-emerge after being burnt to ash, and survive beheading; He also regularly donates internal organs to those in need, which immediately regenerate.

15) Deadpool has a whipping boy/sidekick named Weasel, a spastic and neurotic Arms Dealer.

16) Deadpool was surprisingly married many times before finally settling down with the runaway fiancé of Dracula, Princess of the underworld. At one point he even had a romantic affiliation with Black Widow, Yelena Belova.

17) He has a daughter named Eleanor. He was seduced by a woman named Carmelita Camacho. Wade found out he had daughter, but only after Carmelita had been killed. Realizing Eleanor had been abducted, he rescued her. Wade gave his friend Emily Preston (from S.H.I.E.L.D) custody of his daughter to keep her paternity a secret, and moved in next door to be close to her.

18) Deadpool’s only fear is Cows, and only weakness is Kittens and the Anti-Regenerative Ray.

19) Deadpool and Harley Quinn are the most popular pair to be written into comic book fanfiction cross-overs. Their insanity is seen by many to be more well matched than that of The Joker and Harley.

20) The uncanny similarities between Wade Wilson/Deadpool, and the actor to play him in the upcoming movie; Ryan Reynolds.

a) Wade Wilson's physical attributes are nearly identical to Ryan Reynolds; both sharing the same age, height, weight, hair, and eye color. Deadpool himself has compared his looks to the actor in the comics.

b) Both are Canadian, both share a similar sense of humor and both have alliterative 3 part names; Wade Winston Wilson and Ryan Rodney Reynolds.

c) Ryan Reynolds started acting the year Deadpool was introduced into Marvel Comics.

d) Reynolds has said that he has always loved the Deadpool comics, felt a kinship to Wade, and wanted to play the anti-hero in the movies someday.


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