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With the epic first season of The Flash coming to an end, surely we're all desperate for more! That means theres no better time to check out the sneak preview of Season 2! Check it out below!

And thats not all the CW are planning! GREEN ARROW, VIBE, Killer Frost, Hawkgirl, Jay Garrick AND Wally West are coming to Season 2 of the Flash! Wondering what else is to come in DC's CWverse and how it can happen? Then read on!

Green Arrow

Recently, Stephen Amell had this to say about his hit show Arrow

"Arrow is done. No more Arrow suit. I've worn it for the last time."

Many people have freaked out about this quote, when in reality, the Arrow as we know it is done. But here comes a character we all know and love...

Yes folks, Starling City's Green Arrow will be making his way in Season 4. Stephen Amell has talked about in many interviews in the past about the transition that his character will have from becoming "The Hood," all the way to finally becoming the Green Arrow from the comics, But one could only hope that he will also rock his famous goatee to go along with his transformation from the Arrow.

If you all remember from the pilot episode, the way he was found on the island is VERY similar to how he looks in the comics


"You're able to see through vibrations in the universe."
and "A great and honorable destiny awaits you now,"

These are quotes from the Reverse-Flash when speaking to Cisco after the discovery that Cisco is INDEED a metahuman. The metahuman known as Vibe. Big things are coming for Cisco

Killer Frost

Yes, as Barry is ripping through the time stream, we get our first glimpse of Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost. Sad to say, but her villainous origins are about to come to fruition.


Yes everyone already knows of Hawkgirl's scheduled appearance for Legends of Tomorrow but if you blinked, you would have missed her short cameo in The Flash Season Finale...

Jay Garrick & Wally West

If you watched the Season Finale of The Flash, you would've noticed a helmet with wings fall out of the black hole created when Barry went back in time.

If you recognized that helmet, understand that that is the helmet worn by Jay Garrick, the FIRST Flash. So YES parallel universes (Such as Earth-2 confirmed by Grant Gustin himself) will be explored.

With Wally West being African-American in the New 52 comics, Joe and Iris having the last name WEST, and with Flash writer Greg Berlanti admitting to adding Wally West in Season 2. Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg has already confirmed the existence of more speedsters with his quote,

"We are going to introduce a few more speedsters next year and a bunch more villains,"


Grant Gustin pretty much confirmed the existence of Earth-Two in this CWVerse with his recent quote,

“What's fun about this show is that there's going to be multiple timelines as we move forward," Gustin said. "I think we're going to start showing Earth-One and Earth-Two in the near future. There will be kind of different dimensions going on."

It's only a matter of time until the CWVerse erupts. I hope everyone is ready for the action packed adventures that will be found in Arrow Season 4 and The Flash Season 2.


Can you wait for Season 2?


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