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FINALLY! Stephen King's IT is being remade into a Two-Part Rated-R Movie, with only a spoonful of confirmed information out there among so much fallacy, it's a little hard to differentiate the truth from rumors.

With a bit of research I have collected the before-mentioned confirmed info and compiled it here for you all.

As for the production crew, Cary Fukunaga (Jane Eyre, HBO's True Detective series) is at the wheel of the project as the Director.

The plot, while being set in a different era('80s, current) than the novel ('50s, '80s), it will be more true to the 1,000+ page novel than the 1990 mini-series which was confined within a certain rating, restricting many of the gruesome events that took place in the book.

Very little has been revealed about the cast apart from who will be playing the titular character, Pennywise The Dancing Clown.

Will Poulter has been cast as Pennywise following his audition which reportedly blew the minds of the production crew and Cary Fukunaga.

Shooting for the movie started in April 2015.

Will Poulter (We're the Millers, The Maze Runner)
Will Poulter (We're the Millers, The Maze Runner)

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