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(Warning - potential SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War lie below. Tread softly, for you tread on their potentially gigantic reveals...)

Now, with all the awesome, action-packed and hugely revealing behind-the-scenes glimpses we've been getting of the Captain America: Civil War set lately, you might think we're reaching a point of full Cap set pic saturation. After all, we've already seen a whole lot of a funeral, and even more of Frank Grillo's Crossbones confronting Cap. What more, then, from either of those particular scenes, could we want to see?

Hows about video footage of Cap and Crossbones beating the snot out of each other?

Yup - that's right:

We Have Our First Video Look at Cap and Crossbones Going At It

This time NOT in an elevator...
This time NOT in an elevator...

And, somewhat predictably, it's pretty ridiculously awesome:

Not least because that above footage (from the New York Daily News) isn't all we can now see - intrepid Instagrammer estevandam has also been posting some awesome close-up footage of the pair laying into each other, from:

The Lead Up to the Fight

With what looks like some extremely sensible preparatory conversation...

Crossbones Not Quite Making Contact

That pesky Cap, and his super-fast reflexes...

And, best of all:

The Pair Just Going At It

Including a pretty darned neat kick from Cap...

The big question now?

What Does All of This Mean for the Movie?


Well, on the surface, it very much seems to suggest that we'll be seeing a whole lot of Crossbones - with the villain presumably acting as whichever 'big-bad' is behind the scenes' main henchman. In the comics, after all, he's traditionally been The Red Skull's lead sidekick - could he take on the same role for Baron Zemo (or even a returning Skull)?

It's also, though, entirely possible that what we're seeing is footage of the movie's opening sequence - and that Crossbones'll only actually be appearing in an introductory action set-piece designed to immediately connect the movie to its immediate predecessor The Winter Soldier, before it heads off in a very different, Iron Man and Spidey-themed direction.

Either way, though - so long as we get to watch Crossbones and Cap go at it at least once, I'm totally down.

What do you think, though?



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