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I have never attended a seance. I have to admit, I am much too afraid of inviting evil spirits into what I consider a safe and positive light.

Sure, there are extra precautions one could take to ensure safety in case a spirit cares to linger. But the minute a person whips out their ouija board, I'm already halfway out of the country. I refuse to mess with that stuff.

Below is a group of the occult brave, who have not only communicated with those who have past, but who have had the courage to stand up to any and all entities with the intent to harm.

Tread on. But beware!

1. The Spirit of Enlil

One weekend, when my parents were away, I invited some friends over who dabbled in the occult, and practiced witchcraft. They heard the stories of my dreaded room and I agreed to allow them to try to contact and drive out whatever was there. All four of us were in my room, the lights off, several candles lit, incense burning, various trinkets/talismans, soaked tea leaves, small animal bones, and a homemade ouija board. After the girl of the group said a few 'protection spells' our hands went to the planchette of the spirit board. The two 'witches' asked a few questions, asked a name, and were getting bored of the elusive answering of the 'spirit' in question. They said some incantation and asked it to show itself, we didn't see anything, but we certainly heard a deep sigh, then the air temperature dropped sharply. My girlfriend started shouting angrily that she didn't believe in any of this 'bullshit', it was in our heads, we were inviting bad things to happen, and she told our guests to get out of the house. The guests stated that they didn't properly seal the doorway to the other side and that they didn't drive out whatever spirit was in the room. My girlfriend didn't care and yelled at them until they left. Now this was odd for her, even though she could be a loud animated person, she was very kind and never yelled at anyone that I ever saw.

Shortly after our guests left, my girlfriend said that she wasn't feeling well and was going to bed. I offered to sleep with her in the room since my parents were away, but she insisted I go back to the living room.

I left the bedroom after saying goodnight and giving her a kiss, asking if she was sure she wanted me to sleep in the other room. I grabbed myself a beer and turned on the television. Suddenly there was a few loud thuds coming from the bedroom and a quiet muffled scream. I ran to the door and turned the knob, it felt frozen in my hand. I pushed on the door and it only budged about an inch. I could see into the room and saw my girlfriend laying on the bed, on her back, straight as a board, eyes wide open and mouth closed tightly. She was trying to scream. I forced my way into the room, there was a dresser blocking the door. My girlfriend was a 110lb 5'4 cheerleader that would have to struggle to budge that dresser let alone move it 5 feet to block the door. I got into the room and I saw her stomach contracting as if being punched in the gut. I grabbed her and tried to pick her up, she felt as she weighed 400lbs. I grabbed under her arms and had to drag her off the bed and across the floor to get out of the room. Once we exited the room the door abruptly slammed shut. We flew out of the house like a bat out of hell and into my car.

I drove across town to where our former guests lived. I explained what happened after they left and my girlfriend apologized for yelling at them, and said she vaguely remembered telling them to leave. She said it was as if something was making her tell them to go and tell me to leave the room for her to sleep.

The two witches left us at their apartment to go back to my house and deal with whatever was going on. A few hours later they returned. They told us that a demon named Enlil was using a gateway that happened to be in my room, to traverse from another realm to ours. When they summoned him, the gate opened and a few other demons along with Enlil came into my house and were apparently very angry. They said that they coaxed them back into the gateway and sealed it.

Now I'm still skeptical of what the 'so-called' witches explained to me, but after that my girlfriend moved out, we broke up, and I moved out shortly later never really noticing if there was a difference in the room. Since then, that room has been remodeled into a guest room for my grandmother when she stays there, and also a room for my son when he visits. Neither of them say anything's wrong with that room, nor am I going to tell them what happened in there in case there is a chance that the gateway can be reopened.

This would be one of my biggest fears...that a spirit would linger and never go away.

2. Obanae

During a previous session, the atmosphere had been very relaxed and friendly but that was soon to change. No sooner had we put our fingers near the rim of the glass, that it felt as if something sinister had entered the room. We felt a horrible presence but we persevered and asked of the spirit’s identity. The answer was more than scary, because the glass went around the paper and onto silly letters, that didn’t make sense. Then suddenly the glass sped up, went exactly halfway off the edge of the table and then back again. We didn’t want to break the séance without sending the "thing" off first, so we announced that we were finishing this session, said goodbye and tried to put the glass back into its starting position. Note that even though this time we carefully tried to place the glass onto its starting position - we never quite managed to get it exactly spot on.

We looked at each other and wondered what we should do with the glass. Normally of course, one should destroy the glass but we couldn’t do that because Claudia’s mum didn’t have many. So we washed it and let the water run for several minutes whilst mumbling placatory things like, "Leave the glass...You are gone..." etc.

To be honest, we couldn’t bear staying in the living room any longer because the evil feeling was still there, so we decided to go to sleep - we had finished the whole bottle of rum by then. It was still quite early but we’d been through a lot. We fell asleep pretty quickly and I soon fell into a very strange dream. It wasn’t a story or anything, all I could dream about was faces, grey faces, that were being pushed and pulled in all directions. And then I heard the Voice…

It was the most booming, deep and evil voice you can imagine. Not even the most evil voice of anyone or anything in any film could ever come close. The weird thing was, that I swear I could hear it with my ears, not just in my head. The voice uttered something like a warning to me but I can’t remember the exact words. I woke and immediately tried to wake Claudia by calling her name but she wouldn’t move - she just lay there, whispering without moving even her lips! I then shook her because she scared me so much and she said she was already awake and that she had heard me the first time. Her explanation was as chilling as her actions. She said she hadn’t wanted to move because she felt there was something in this room, something threatening, which had giving her a clear warning…

I did find out a little about that name Obanae. In 1990 I came to England as a Nanny and one evening a friend of ours wanted to do a ouija session which turned out to be a complete farce in itself, although I did learn something very interesting. I told someone there about my ouija experience back in the eighties and obviously mentioned the name Obanae, pronounced the German way. The man suddenly went as white as a sheet, and said that it was not pronounced "o-bar-na-ee" but "o-ban-ye", as in the French word allemagne. I was completely puzzled as I had never heard of that name but this man had - where he had grown up in Scotland. As he showed me in an atlas a small Scottish town called Oban, I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. He went on to tell me that in the middle ages boys who came from this town sometimes were given the name Oban and girls Obanae…

This is too much of a coincidence. Obanae isn't exactly a very common name.

3. Someone Had Locked The Door

“One day, after a magic show at the old Schubert Theatre in downtown Detroit, I was approached by a very nice elderly lady who asked if we would put on a show for a few of her friends at her home in swank Grosse Point Farms, a wealthy suburb of Detroit. She said that we could use any gimmicks or tricks we wanted and she would pay us $100. (That was a lot of money to a college student in the 1940s.) I asked my partner and he said sure, let's go for it. We rounded up as much paraphernalia as we could from the magic store and planned a really scary show for them. Our plan included getting as much information as the host lady could gather about the persons who would be in attendance. (No self-respecting medium would go in without it.)

“Finally, the night arrived. We had agreed that my partner would handle the mechanical and voice parts and I would take the part of the medium at the table with the guests. My partner planned to wait in his car down the block until all of the guests were in the house and ready for the séance. He would then enter the kitchen by the back door and connect his microphone and recorders into the speaker system I had installed and concealed in the room and set up a projector. I was introduced as ‘Sregna, The Gifted’ (my last name spelled backward), and we all took our places at the table. The table had been previously rigged to emit a hanging cloud of "magic" smoke that would hover over the table for several minutes. This cloud was used as a sort of projection screen to receive images of light from a projector controlled by my partner – in short, a sort of astral vision effect.

We all joined hands and I began my mumbo jumbo. I could feel a slight tremble in the hand I was holding. This was just what I needed. I became quite confident. I called upon the spirits to come forth and make themselves known. A few eerie sounds preceded a voice saying that he was the departed husband of one of the guests. A mist formed, as planned, over the table and a likeness of the person was seen. There were a few shudders and oohs and ahhs. She asked her husband questions and he answered. (Very well, I thought, considering the information we were given.) This scene was repeated for several of the ladies. It was an eerie success.

When the séance came to a close, the ladies left, each with their memories. They had been treated to quite a show. The lady who hired us wrote me a check and thanked me for a wonderful evening. I then went into the kitchen to help my partner disconnect his equipment and pack up.

“When I reached the kitchen, I was unable to locate my partner or his equipment. Then I heard a pounding on the kitchen door. It was my partner. He said when he tried to get in, someone had apparently locked the door. He said he was sorry and asked if he missed anything. I may never know what really happened that night, but I can assure you, I have not played with the supernatural since!”

The hair on the back of my neck just raised. This deeply irks me.

4. Trippy Table

Amber H. lived in a house and neighborhood that dates back to the 18th century.

“It's a two-story house, and some friends and I used to have séances every Friday. One Friday night, my friends were busy with work and I had the day off, so I started the séance by myself. I encountered a few strange people, who got a bit angry, but nothing too serious.

At 1:00 a.m., I went up to bed on the top floor of the house.

Once I got into bed, I couldn't get to sleep. Then I heard it... the noise downstairs. It was as though someone was thumping on the wall. I got up and walked out of my bedroom door. When I was at the edge of the top step, I saw the weirdest thing: it was the table – the table I performed the séance on – trying to get up the stairs! I freaked and ran downstairs and started hitting the table, telling it to leave me alone. After five minutes it was all over. The table was as still as the air in the room.”

I would have just packed up my bags altogether and move.

5. Lizzie Borden Took an Ax

In 1997, Alfred T. was invited to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum by Martha McGinn, owner of the inn, located in Fall River, Massachusetts.

For those who don’t know, Lizzie was the Fall River girl who was acquitted of murdering her father, Andrew J. Borden, and her stepmother, Abby with an ax. (Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.)

Besides covering the event, Alfred and friend Terrie were spending the night there as well. “When we started,” Alfred recalls, “there were thirteen of us joined hand-in-hand, eyes closed, and seated in a séance circle. It was a weird, cool feeling and the lady hosting it – Jane Doherty of South Plainfield, New Jersey – sat right across from me and asked me if I had lost a family member recently. I told her yes and she said that my mom wants me to stop paying money for repairs on my car and to put it toward a new truck! Which is what my mom and I always use to talk about. Well, by now you could tell how I felt.”

When the séance was over, the invited guests stayed to chat. Alfred noticed that they all stayed pretty close to one another; no one wanted to be left alone.

When it was time for bed, Alfred and Terrie were given the bedroom once occupied by Emma Borden, Lizzie's sister. “I had taken my portable audiocassette recorder and placed it on the nightstand to the right of the bed between the bed and the wall,” Alfred says. “I remember Terrie and me lying down about 5:00 a.m., when it was starting to get light out. I pressed record on my recorder and tried to get some sleep.

“In the morning, we had breakfast and went off to the cemetery to see the graves. What happened the next day was unexplainable! I listened to the audio tape that I recorded the morning before on my way to and from work. At first I could hear Terrie and me talking, then silence. Then the silence turned to me snoring. I heard plenty of that. Then, about 35 minutes into the 45-minute tape, I heard what gave me the creeps and made me rewind it over and over again to make sure I heard what I heard!

“I heard my snoring, then as I'm snoring I could hear a female voice giggling. I played that audio tape on the air at two different radio stations and it definitely gave everyone the creeps. I called Jane Doherty at home and told her what I recorded that night. She told me that what I had heard and what I recorded was the laugh of Emma Borden.”

I remember when I first read about the chilling story regarding Lizzie Borden. Her remaining spirit must be just as evil as when she was alive.

6. The Spirit in my Room

In 1974, Tom was in college and living alone in an old apartment building in Queens, New York.

“I was asleep, and my eyes suddenly snapped open. There, at the side of my bed, was the translucent figure of a man.

One of his shoulders was lower than the other, his legs slightly bent. He appeared to be trying to break down a door with his shoulder, but instead, his thrust was aimed at a window. Instinctively, I jumped out of bed and took a swing at the figure, my heart pumping loudly in my chest. But the figure was gone, and I stood alone in the center of the room.

I told this experience to a friend at school. The friend said that he knew a psychic who might be able to help. They arranged to come to my apartment for a séance of sorts. I also invited my cousin to attend. When the psychic arrived, I covered the round kitchen table with brown wrapping paper, upon which he drew a star in a circle, surrounded by magical symbols. He explained that the circle was for protection and that no one must let go of the table once the rite began.

The lights were switched off. The psychic began to breathe deeply, and soon he began to speak. My friend asked questions of the psychic, who spoke in what sounded like odd accents and foreign words.

It was chilling. Then the psychic's voice rose in anger, and the table, which we lightly touched with our fingertips rose off the floor and swayed back and forth. In the dark there was a noise that sounded like pebbles being poured from a jar. My cousin and I were amazed but frightened.
As the psychic continued to scream, the thick brown wrapping paper on the table began to tear with loud rending sounds. Remembering the psychic’s warning, we desperately clung to the paper that was under their fingers as we felt it being pulled off the table. In the background, I could hear furniture moving on the wooden floors. In concert with the psychic, my college friend began to shout, ‘Disperse, disperse!’ At these words the table sank to the floor in a fluttery motion and landed on the floor with a low thud.
As we all breathed heavily, my friend snapped on the lights. We were astonished to see that all the living room furniture was piled in the center of the room. But I was convinced that the spirit he had seen in my room was still present. It was weeks later after several more séances where things flew through the air, furniture lifted off the floor, and my bedroom door held shut by rope because something in the room pulled with unbelievable strength was trying to get out (and do God knows what) that finally the psychic managed to expel the presence from my apartment. I'll never forget the fright that I experienced.”

I would be screaming out more than just "disperse!" What an incredibly terrifying experience.

7. A Spirit's Warning

A couple months back, I had my first experience with the paranormal. My roommate Jordan and I were bored one night, and decided to have a séance in my room. I thought it would be cool since I had never taken part in such things, but had always been interested. We arranged lit candles in a circle around us, killed the lights, and joined hands. We decided to call upon the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger. Now I'm not sure if that's the one who showed up, but someone did.

We both felt a presence in the room and when we asked the spirit to make itself known, we heard a faint rapping. We asked the spirit a few yes or no questions and he or she responded by rapping once for yes and twice for no.

It got more interesting after we finished the séance. First, I heard the sound of glass shattering. Jordan swears she didn't hear it even though she was in the same room only a few feet away from me. Nothing had been broken either. I also heard a disembodied voice call my name, my roommate didn't hear this either.

Later on, as I was trying to fall asleep, I felt someone physically breathing into my left ear, despite the fact that there was no one there. The unexplained activity stopped after that night and there has been no sign of the spirit since then.

However, later on that week, I got in a car wreck. I was making a left turn and got t-boned. Over the couple weeks or so, I got to thinking that the spirit was trying to warn me about the wreck. There are a couple of things that have led me to believe this. The first reason is that the sound of glass breaking that I heard sounded exactly like the sound of the collision. The other reason is the breathing in my left ear that I felt. After the accident, I had ringing in my left ear for a few minutes.

Could the spirit we contacted have been trying to give me the heads-up that I was going to get in an accident in a few days?

A spirit that acts like a guardian angel is one I wouldn't mind keeping around. An entity with the intent to help rather than harm seems rather useful.

These stories only remind me of the danger associated with prodding the dead. You never know if you will stumble upon a kind spirit, or one with more malicious intentions.

For now, I am more than willing to keep the portal closed.

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