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I'm not sure how I would fare in a post-apocalyptic world such as Panem. I would either need to learn how to professionally sew (I'm able to perform minor alterations), coal mine, farm, or create perfumes.

Many of our beloved Disney princesses, on the other hand, would definitely survive in a world such as the one presented in the Hunger Games series. With expertise in cooking, sewing, and hunting, I feel Ariel, Pocahontas, and the like would have the skills and abilities to withstand whatever the Capitol throws at them.

Below is a list of Disney princesses as well as the districts they would succeed in. All the princesses have a rebellious side, and I could completely envision the fact that they would support courageous and kickass Katniss.

District 1 - Luxury Items

As one of the wealthiest districts of Panem, District 1 produces luxurious and opulent items for the Capitol. This is the main reason why this district has a rather agreeable relationship with the Capitol.

Some items they manufacture include diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, and most people are perfumers, furriers, jewelers, goldsmiths, hair stylists, and vintners in District 1.


Born into royalty, Jasmine grew up around opulence and wealth. She may be down to earth, as she married Aladdin - despite the fact that he lacks royal heritage - but speaking as a girl who has some Arab blood, we don't mind some bling here and there.

District 2 - Masonry

This district's main focus is on masonry. It is also another wealthy district in Panem. Also loyal to the Capitol, District 2 produces weapons as well. Many train their children their whole lives for the Hunger Games to help them gain an advantage with the hopes of winning.

A list of job offers in District 2 include stonemason, concrete finisher, bricklayer, brick mason, plasterer, blacksmith, and peacekeeper.


You might think Rapunzel would be sick at seeing another stone tower, but after leaving her prison, Rapunzel grew rather fond of bricks and plastering. She would go on to create and design some of the most gorgeous buildings to help beautify Panem.


Merida was born into royalty, which matches the affluence of this particular district. With immense skills in archery, Merida was probably trained in this expertise from a young age by her parents, in case she was ever called to perform in the Hunger Games.

District 3 - Technology

With a focus on technology, District 3 is sadly one of the poorest districts. They specialize in televisions and computers. They are one of the more rebellious districts.

Employment is offered as technical support, assembly operators, engineers, testers, technicians, electronic installers, experimental physicists, inventosr, and mechanics.


The ever intelligent Belle would devour book after book, becoming one of the leading pioneers in technology. With a well-known inventor as a father, Belle is sure to excel and further technology to become faster and even more efficient.

District 4 - Fishing

As another affluent district, District 4's industry is in fishing. Most of their citizens have experience in nets, tridents, making fishhooks from scratch, swimming, and all have a knowledge of sea life. However, they are pretty rebellious and stray from the iron fist of the Capitol.

Longliner, trawler, canner, ship captain, deckhand, and fisherman are a few jobs offered in District 4.


Ariel knows the ocean like the back of her hand, and would therefore excel as a fisherwoman. I'm sure she'd spare Flounder and Sebastian's lives, but all the other fish are fair game.

District 5 - Electricity

District 5 is focused on power and electricity, and has the responsibility of generating the power for the entire nation of Panem. They house a massive dam used for this role.

District 5's jobs include powerplant security officer, geologist, equipment manager, system analyst, and maintenance.


Although this queen's power is the ability to freeze objects and people, Elsa somehow discovered a way to turn her frozen power into electricity. Elsa would become a top manager at the powerplant and practically run the entire nation's power.

District 6 - Transportation

As the district with the specialty in transportation, District 6 is also known for having a district-wide issue with Morphling, the painkiller. They also resist the Capitol and show their brave faces when rebelling against them.

Jobs include porter, router, mechanic, conductor, baggage handler.


With the ability to zip up in the air and just take off, Tinkerbell's interest in transportation began. Imagine cute little Tinkerbell as a conductor? I'm sure Cinderella over in District 8 would have no issue designing her a little hat and uniform.

District 7 - Lumber

As a people of the forest, District 7 is a middle-class district that administers lumber to the Capitol.

Jobs include a lumberjack, load puller, lead climber, furniture builder, carpenter, and paper-maker.


Pocahontas is all for the preservation and appreciation of Mother Earth. Therefore, I feel she would exceed in finding environmentally friendly ways to not only improve the lumber industry, but also our earth.

District 8 - Textiles and Clothing

District 8 is famous for making textiles and clothing and has one major factory that is used for creating Peacemaker uniforms. With barely any greenery in sight, this desolate industrial town contains poor inhabitants that rebel against the Capitol.

District 8's professions include factory worker, weaver, dress maker, designer, warehouse manager, teacher, and a tailer/seamstress.


With a little bit of help and guidance from her helpful mice, Cinderella would create the most gorgeous and beautiful clothing. From everyday wear to lavish balls, Cinderella has the perfect outfit for every occasion.

District 9 - Grain

With a focus in grain, District 9 is made of mainly factories used for grain processing.

Cropper, farmer, plower, sower, and harvester are the main jobs available in District 9.


Tiana is a beast in the kitchen, with the ability to whip up anything and produce delicious baked goods that will leave your mouth watering even after you've eaten. You've tried her beignets, right?

District 10 - Livestock

As one of the poorer districts, District 10's core industry is livestock as they primarily cater beef to the Capitol.

Jobs, such as butcher, milker, rancher, barn manager, breeder, and farmer, are focused around cattle in this district.


Although originally from District 1, Aurora was sent to live in District 10 with her adoptive aunts (fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) to keep her safe from the evil Maleficent from the Capitol.

Kept in isolation until her sixteenth birthday, Aurora grew up around the animals on the farm, and is therefore a knowledgable rancher.

District 11 - Agriculture

It is ironic that District 11 is dying of starvation, yet their industry is focused on agriculture. All produce from their orchards, fields of wheat, and cotton are immediately sent to the Capitol. If anyone in district 11 is caught eating any of the crops, they will be whipped. Most citizen of this district are known for having dark brown skin.

District 11's jobs include sorter, irrigator, farmhand, harvester, and gardener.

Snow White

Snow White can't resist a big red juicy apple, which might pose as temptation while she's working in the farms. But I think she'd be smart enough not to get caught.

District 12 - Coal Mining

Known as the poorest of all the districts, it is located in the Appalachia and has a focus in coal mining. After the Second Rebellion, their industry switched to medicine.

If you have skills in coal mining, geology, blasting, surveying, as a metallurgist, hob merchant, mayor, baker, and butcher, then this is the district for you.


While Kristoff works at the coal mine in District 12, Anna's job is a healer. Anna is an expert in apothecary and herbs.

District 13 - Graphite Mining

As the last of the districts, District 13 was destroyed by the Capitol during the First Rebellion. This district should not be inhabited by anyone, as it is still ridden with horrible chemicals. Where once they focused on nuclear science and technology, District 13 now hones in on graphite mining.

Employment as a nuclear weapons engineer, soldier, doctor, healer, cook, nurse, hovercraft/warplane pilot, hackers, hunter, teacher, farmer, spy, weapons tester, and nuclear engineer are available in District 13.


As a trained soldier, Mulan would succeed as a weapons engineer and tester. She's got combat training under her belt, and would probably perform well if she was unfortunately ever chosen to compete in the Hunger Games.

I dare you to mess with these fierce and feisty women of Disney, you evil Capitol, you! With their myriad of skills and smarts, the Capitol doesn't even stand a chance.


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