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Mark Newton

If you were to drive up and down practically every single street and road on this fair planet, you'd probably end up seeing a lot of creepy, weird, silly and downright funny things. Luckily, you don't actually have to do that, since Google Street View has already done it for you.

Google's mammoth mission to invade the privacy of everyone's driveway has thrown up a lot of odd images. We've already covered some of the creepiest pictures to be found on Street View, but there are some others that also need to be brought to your attention. I've included the location where it is available/easy to figure out.

1. A Scene from the Coen Brothers' Next Movie

Location: Germany

2. The DogGate Scandal

3. Kids These Days...

Location: England

4. A Very (Rein)Dear Friend

Location: England

5. Time Travelers or LARPers?

6. This Guy Israeli Not Shy

Location: Israel

7. That's a Stuffed Penguin in Case You Wondered

Location: Australia

8. They're a Long Wayne from Home

Location: England

9. The Miracle of Birth

10. The Miracle of Not Falling to All Our Deaths

11. The Miracle of People Falling Over

12. Hydration Is Important

Location: Australia

13. Have You Met My Girlfriend? She's a Real Doll

Location: France

14. Dive-In Inspiration

15. On The Run?

16. Is This Really a Tiger in Colorado?

Location: Boulder, Colorado

17. I See a Bad Moon A-Rising


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