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Every parent deserves a break from the pressures of parenthood. Just to enjoy going out for dinner or to see a show, having the security of knowing that the person looking after their child is caring for them and looking after them properly.

It might be a local teenager who a friend has recommended, a close friend or even a relative you know you can trust. But what if that trust was broken in the most horrific way possible?

Here are ten chilling real life stories of babysitters who have killed the children left in their care in cold blood. Warning, some of these stories could be very upsetting.

10. Gabriela Gonzales

Gabriella Gonzales Mugshot
Gabriella Gonzales Mugshot

Keiry Nicole Dominguez Martinez was just two years old when she was left in the care of Gabriela. The two year old was covered in a rash, and kept crying for her mother, as child tend to do when they are sick.

Gonzales went into a fit of rage, shaking the child so hard the prosecutors said that the baby's head 'must have been snapping back and forth' she was shook that violently. Her head was then smashed several times against a bath or wash basin, causing severe head trauma.

She died three days later.

Showing no remorse, the heartless babysitter claimed the child had fallen off a mattress that was on top of a box of springs from 14 inches high and that the child had also accidentally strangled herself, of course, this was a lie.

Gabriella was given the maximum sentence for her crime, and will serve 20 years in prison.

9. Tiffany VanAlstyne

Tiffany VanAlstyne
Tiffany VanAlstyne

The 19 year old was babysitting her young cousin Kenneth White, five, when 'two masked intruders broke into the trailer she shared with her family and took Kenneth at around 1.30pm.' Well, at least that was her story.

Of course, it was a huge lie to cover up her own guilt. After she alerted police of the two masked men, an amber warning was launched and a huge man hunt started to find Kenneth and the men.

There was no men, and poor Kenneth was found about 40 meters away from the trailer. He had been strangled and his poor body had been dumped and covered with snow so he couldn't be seen.

trailer where Kenneth was killed.
trailer where Kenneth was killed.

Glaring at photographers as she was lead to prison, Tiffany was charged with two counts of murder. The first accuses her of "intentionally" causing the child's death, the other murder count alleges that she showed a "depraved indifference to human life."

If convicted of either murder count, VanAlstyne would face 25 years to life in prison.The manslaughter count carries up to 25 years in prison upon conviction.

8. Jessica Fraraccio

Jessica Fraraccio
Jessica Fraraccio

Admitting to murdering 23 month old Elijah Nealey, the 22-year old was given a sentence of just five years in prison, and ordered to donate $1 to a children's charity every year on the date of the toddlers death.

Jessica, a devout catholic, had been looking after Elijah for seven months before she killed him. Initially she told police officers that he had fallen in the bathtub and hit his head, she later admitted that he died from injuries she gave to him.

Fraraccio eventually admitted that while Elijah was eating lunch, she kicked the chair out from under him because he wouldn't stop crying. The boy hit his head on the table, then the floor, while in his home in Virginia.

The babysitter became frustrated when the toddler continued to wail.

Enraged, she picked him up by one arm, covered his mouth with her hand and slammed his head on the stair railing.

She then said he was limp when she put him down, in truth, he was already dead.

His family are disgusted with the lenient sentence, and see it as no justice for the murdered tot, just five years imprisonment for taking the life of an adorable little boy.

7. Karl McCluney

Karl McCluney
Karl McCluney

It was the teenagers 15th birthday when he took the life of two year old Demi-Leigh Mahon in his native Eccles, Greater Manchester, England.

Upset that he had to babysit on his birthday, and that no-one had planned anything special for him, he took out his frustrations on the pretty little girl.

When she began to cry Karl became angry and aggressive towards her, this obviously frightened her and she cried even more. Getting angrier and angrier he finally lashed out, grabbing her and biting her on her left elbow, which must have caused her severe pain and then he threw her on her bed as hard as he could.

After the sustained attack he put her in bed and covered her with the bedsheets, he didn't even phone for an ambulance or attempt to help her himself.

The helpless Demi-Leigh had 68 separate injuries inflicted on her, some of which were extremely bad, especially excessive bruising and swelling to the face.

The judge in the case said of the 15 year old;

'It is clear that your severe conduct disorder means that you are a dangerous young man who presents a significant risk to public safety.'

He was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years imprisonment.

6. William Howard Lail

William Howard Lail was looking after his girlfriends two young children one afternoon, when he scalded them with boiling water.

20 month old Jaydon Ray Sandlin and his 3 year old sister Kylie Madison Sandlin, were in Lail’s care that day. They both had scalding burns to various parts of their bodies, according to court documents.

Lail ran out of the house screaming he needed a phone to call 911. Using a neighbours phone he then went back into the property and brought out a naked and lifeless Jaydon. He took him into the neighbors home and tried to administer CPR.

As he blew into his mouth water began to spill out, the child didn't move and was pronounced dead. His sister spent days in the hospital recovering from the severity of her burns.

A huge bond was set for his bail, he remains in custody.

5. Michael Plumadore

Michael Plumadore
Michael Plumadore

A so-called trusted family friend, Michael Plumadore, abused his position of trust to savagely beat, murder and dismember nine year old Aliahna Maroney-Lemmon.

While looking after her and her two younger sisters he attacked the young girl on the steps of the trailer he shared with her grandfather. While her sisters were inside he bashed Aliahna repeatedly over the head with a brick, before stuffing her body into a trashbag and hiding her in his freezer.

Police questioned Plumadore several times over the weekend. She was registered as missing and by the Monday they had arrested him. He then told police that he had hidden Aliahna's head, feet and hands at the trailer and discarded her other remains at a nearby business. Police obtained a warrant to search the trailer and found the body parts.

He received a sentence of life without parole plus 36 years.

4. Oscar Sanchez-Rivera and Viameri Santana-Berrios

This venomous pair were responsible for the death of nine month old Milton Rojas, who they injected with a concoction of illegal drugs, causing the baby boy to overdose.

There was so much cocaine and heroin in the baby's system that he was likened to a drug mule, slang for someone who smuggles drugs in their body, by professionals.

Once he was given medical attention, his body temperature was so cold it couldn't be picked up with a rectal thermometer, and he had huge amounts of undigested drugs in his stomach.

Track marks, where the pair had injected him, were evident on his hands and feet.

Both defendants gave statements to detectives that claimed the baby, who had a history of breathing problems, began snoring, stopped breathing, and turned blue.

Both pleaded guilty and Santana-Berrio was given 10 to 20 years in state prison and Sanchez-Rivera to 15 to 30 years at court in Philadelphia.

3. David McGreavy

On Friday April 13, 1973 David McGreavy murdered three young children left in his care with a barbaric amount of savagery.

A lodger in the house of young couple Elsie Ralph and her husband Clive, he was asked to look after their three children at their home in Worcester, England.

The youngest child, nine-month-old Samantha, began crying for her bottle.

McGreavy went crazy, battering Samantha to death. Her brother Paul, four, was strangled and Dawn, two, had her throat cut. Police found their mutilated bodies impaled on a neighbour’s railings.

crime scene where the bodies were found
crime scene where the bodies were found

He was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 20 years. Since this term expired, he has been trying to secure his freedom but has yet to be released by the Parole Board.

2. Elzbieta Plackowska

Elzbieta Plackowska
Elzbieta Plackowska

This mother killed both her own son, and the little girl she was babysitting, telling them they were going to heaven and to get down on their knees and pray right before she killed them.

After being found by police covered in blood in the home of the little girl, in Naperville, Illinois. She admitted that she had murdered her son Justin, 7, and his friend Olivia Dworakowski because they 'had evil inside of them.'

Justin was found stabbed 100 times. Olivia was stabbed 50 times. She told her son he was going to heaven, and as she stabbed him he begged her to stop, telling her he loved her.

The babysitter then ordered them to get down on the floor and pray before bed.

Both children's throats were slit and Justin was found in a bed, Olivia on the floor.

Police also found Olivia's families pet dogs, both of which had been repeatedly stabbed and killed.

1. Christine Falling

Christine Falling was a 17-year old babysitter from Perry, Florida who murdered at least 5 children by suffocation. She claimed that she heard voices telling her to do it, and that she suffocated them so 'no-one would hear them scream'.

When the first baby died in her care, a doctor sent a note to police saying she should be checked out as the baby might not have died from natural causes. Sadly this note was lost, and she continued to be an unknown threat.

The deaths of the babies in her care always seemed to have a medical explanation, even the death of her step-sisters eight month old baby. She and Christine had taken the baby to the doctors for some routine injections. When her sister got out of the car to buy some groceries, on her return she found Christine with the baby that had simply 'stopped breathing.'

However, on July 2, 1982, when ten-week-old Travis Coleman died in Falling's care, the autopsy revealed internal ruptures, caused by suffocation.

Christine was taken in for questioning where she admitted to killing three of the baby's by "smotheration", where she would press a blanket over their faces in response to disembodied voices chanting, "Kill the baby."

"The way I done it, I seen it done on TV show," she explained. "I had my own way, though. Simple and easy. No one would hear them scream."

Based on her confession, she was given a term of life imprisonment, with no parole for the first 25 years.


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