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They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but would the celebrity idols of these extreme body modification enthusiasts agree if they saw what they had unknowingly inspired?

From suffocatingly tight lacing to slicing off facial features, the people in the list below are all willing to suffer for the art of imitation and wriggle into their favorite celebrity's skin, but do you think their efforts were worth it?

The Doll House

1. Valeria Lukyanova

Age: 29 years old

Location: Ukraine

Backstory: Valeria Lukyanova found Internet fame thanks to her doll like looks and impossible figure, although many suspect that her images are the result of photoshop trickery, a fact she recently partly confirmed.

This real life Barbie is not just a pretty face though, she is also an instructor at the School of Out-of-Body Travel and a new age practitioner going by the spiritual name of Amatue.

"For a long time I thought I was from Venus. I didn't remember what happened before Venus because it’s hard to restore the memories of past incarnations on other planets."

2. Kelly Lee Dekay

Age: 27 years old

Location: New York

Backstory: Kelly Lee Dekay has been tight lacing her waist to an astonishing 16 inches since she was 20 years old in homage to cartoon heroines such as Jessica Rabbit and X-Men's Storm. You can read more about her here.

"Growing up I just loved the exaggeration of styles and the beautiful costumes that comic book characters would wear and that led to the aesthetic that led to tight-lacing. I like that they wore their personalities externally."

3. Justin Jedlica

Age: 34 years old

Location: New York

Backstory: Justin Jedlica has had 190 surgical procedures and he claims his muse is the sleek, muscular perfection of the Ken doll. Some of his body modifications are so off the wall that Jedlica designed the implants himself to get the desired effect.

"I’ve had nearly every part of my body worked on. I have a reputation of being one of the most extreme plastic surgery addicts in the world and I love continuing to push the limits. As an artist I've always enjoyed drawing and sculpting and for me plastic surgery is an extension of my creativity."

Comic Book Corner

4. Herbert Chavez

Age: 37 years old

Location: Calamba City, Philippines

Backstory: Although it's almost impossible to tell, Herbert Chavez is actually a Filipino man who was drastically altered his features to give him a more Western appearance like his childhood idol, Superman.

Chavez also owns the world's largest collection of Superman memorabilia and his favorite hobby is taking to the streets in his full Superman regalia to bring a smile to children's faces while teaching them about good morals.

"I feel like a Superhero whenever I pull on the costume, but my mission is not to save the world but to help in my own small way and bring a smile to the faces of local children."

5. Henry Damon

Age: 37 years old

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Backstory: Henry Damon has been on a mission to transform himself into the Marvel villain, Red Skull, for years, despite being a married father.

As if having his nose removed wasn't enough, Damon is also planning even more procedures including cheek bone implants and more extensive facial tattooing.

There are currently no direct quotes from Henry Damon, but Mr. Gonzales, the man who removed his nose, claims that:

"Henry a.k.a. Red Skull is a physically and intellectually healthy person. He's an excellent son, husband and father, who has an extreme taste for body modification."

Celebrity Skin

6. Jordan James Parke

Age: 23 years old

Location: Birmingham, England

Backstory: This outlandish looking British makeup artist has spent a staggering $150,000 to emulate his idol, Kim Kardashian. Although his lips are so swollen, they have totally lost feeling, Jordan is not willing to stop there and is looking into getting body countering to get his own bountiful buttocks.

"I’m addicted to lip-fillers. The bigger, the better. I’ve never felt better about myself. I laugh when people try to insult me by telling me I look plastic or fake. Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back."

7. Ashley Horn

Age: 20 years old

Location: Los Angeles, California

Backstory: Ashley Horn is probably one of the most extreme cases on this list due to the circumstances around her new look. When Ashley was 18 years old, she discovered she was Lindsay Lohan's half sister (Lohan's father had a brief affair with her mother) and immediately set about trying to emulate Lindsay's looks through surgical procedures.

Before doing a photoshoot with In Touch, she explained:

"I’ve gotten rhinoplasty, a bit of refinement underneath my cheeks and jawline, some fat injected into my chin and some fat injected into my upper cheeks"
“I’m hotter than Lindsay!" she gushed. “I have no problem saying that."


Do you think the results were worth the extreme lengths these people have gone through to look like their idols?

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