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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Disney and Star Wars now technically exist in the same universe, so it should come as no surprise that some of the princesses have broken free to become bright young padawans.

Below are some of the best mash ups on the internet, but which princesses do you think have been drawn to the dark side?

Padawan Plus

Image by: Pushfighter

Now everyone's going to want an upgraded Padawan braid!

Yzma the One That I Want

Image by: Charamath

Yzma once again proves she is the unsung hero of Disney by slipping into her skimpies!

Mulan Wouldn't Stand For This Shit!

Image by: Sicksean

Has everyone forgotten about how she was trained to be a cutthroat warrior?!

Under the Saber

Image by: Pushfighter

Who would have guessed those things are waterproof?!

Brave Jedi Knight

Image by: Naima

I'd vote for Merida in the Galactic Republic any day.

That's Not For Children, Wendy...

Image by: Isiahstephens

Even a demure English rose with the surname 'Darling' isn't above packing heat in the Star Wars universe.

Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars Edition

Image by: Kharis_art

Ummm yeah, I'll take the Disney beast thanks...

Sith White

Image by: Pushfighter

I knew always knew Snow White must have been hiding something behind her sugary ways...

The Revenge of Rapunzel

Image by: Artistabe


The Snow Sith

Image by: Pushfighter

No she doesn't want to build a fucking snow man, okay?

Snow White and the Seven Ewoks

Image by Kevin Keele

I think I would have liked this movie a whole lot more if this had really happened!

Slave Sultana

Image by: Pushfighter

To be fair, this situation isn't too dissimilar to being trapped behind the palace walls.


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