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As many stated at the start of 2015, the most exciting aspects about this year in Video Games are the titles that have yet to be announced. Rockstar haven't revealed their latest game after the success of GTA V, and we seriously hope that its Red Dead Redemption 2. Though maybe Agent will finally be revealed for the PS4 and XBOX One.

But of course, as a recent gaming poll revealed, the one publisher that almost everyone is dying to hear from the most at this year's E3 conference, is Bethesda. Why? Because Fallout 4 may actually exist. Some of the biggest gaming publications in the world have been writing about the leaks of information from within Bethesda over the past few weeks. We hear that Guillermo Del Toro's company have made the cinematic trailer and that Bethesda have potentially got up to 40 minutes of gameplay to show off on stage.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

With such information to go on we can't help but be hyped - even though there is still a slight chance that Fallout 4 may not be shown. But if Bethesda want to ensure that people don't storm the stage at E3, we better hear someone utter "War. War never changes." But what the hell is going to happen at that moment? What will happen in the crowd? I can already see publications covering the madness that will irrupt.

Fallout 4: How to Celebrate Bethesda's Announcement at E3

It's pretty upsetting to think that I won't be able to be at E3 this year. I'm sure that there will be no better place to be on this planet the moment the words Fallout 4 arrive on that enormous screen. Fans of the series will embrace, scream, make pledges, and bow to the glory of Bethesda and how I wish I could be there to see it all go down. But after it all settles, how am I going to be able to wait? How can we celebrate such a momentous occasion?

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

Well I for one am going to dive into Fallout: New Vegas. You know why (please don't kill me)? I have yet to play it. I've played Fallout 3 almost 6 times and I've never picked up Obsidian's entry into the franchise for inexplicable reasons. But I've bought a copy now for next to nothing and I'm ready to play it the second I hear Bethesda announce those words. I suppose it'll soften the arduous wait for the release date - speaking of the release date.

Fallout 4 Release Date in 2015?

With the rumour of up to 40 minutes of gameplay floating around, could this mean that Bethesda are in a strong enough position to give Fallout 4 a release date in 2015? Could we see them conclude their E3 conference with such an amazing sendoff? Let us know what you think in the comments and how you'll celebrate the announcement of Fallout 4!


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