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Erica Marie Lee Pagan

Every year we have all these awards for actors and actresses of all kinds, yet a lot of times it appears that these awards always over look some excellent actors and actresses for some odd and weird reason.

It happened with Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington and to a lesser degree Halle Berry. But there is one actor who has surprised the big and the small screen with how diverse his acting abilities impacted us as an audience and we have never really honored him for these experiences.

Here is a bit of a clue to who I'm taking about. Lets start from the beginning. In the 1980’s we as viewers only remember war movies such as Apocalypse Now or Platoon showing the true grit, horror and team work or lack thereof that actually took place during Vietnam War the news was never able to show regular civilians.

In 1987 we were introduced to someone who’s character was not only scary, sad and unintentionally funny but the quotes from this actor while playing this character still reign in people’s memory to this day when discussing war movies and the internal causalities that occurred but was not nearly spoken of. If you don’t know who I am speaking about already, shame on you (Im just kidding). Im talking about Stanely Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” with Vincent D’Onofrio portraying the character of Lt. Private Piles. This character has to be the most memorable(besides R. Lee Ermey playing Gny. Sgt. Hartman). D’Onofrio depicted the under achiever soldier who experiences not only the war outside of his bunk but the struggle between him and his other bunk mates and the internal struggle going on within himself as to whether he was worthy enough to continue serving in the war. I will not ruin what happened to this character in the movie so you can check it out for yourself. However, once seeing D’Onofrio show the actual realistic fear of our US soldiers during the Vietnam war but this paved the way of all his strong, powerful; and unusal characters he portrays from this film on.

OK we know D’Onofiro can play serious roles as the above mentioned, but we also forgot that D’Onofrio does comedy as well. Don’t’ believe me? Do you remember Men In Black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?

Of course you do! But do you remember who played the villain in that film. That’s right. D’Onofrio was that giant cockroach, eating sugar and people, slipping on their skin and walked thru the movie as if having a broken neck in his skin suit was in style. Also he did some of the voice over work when the film became a cartoon series. I mean how far left can one actor go?

Still don’t believe me? Lets talk about his more recent roles as Detective Robert Goren in Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Where like a blood hound mixed with old school “Columbo” he is able to investigate a crime, make a few deadpan jokes and still find the culprit all in a 1 hour episode.

Or his most recent role which is totally opposite of most of the roles he has taken on. D’Onofrio decided to take on filling some big acting shoes from a big screen role to an internet on demand role. Im talking about one of my new favorite re-booted Marvel franchise, Daredevil. Where D’Onofrio decided to follow in the steps of the late Michael Clarke Duncan as the cunning, smart, some times sweet killer known as Wilson Fisk aka The King Pin. Although the star of the film is Charlie Cox as Daredevil himself. D’Onofrio showed a side of The Kingpin that the film was unable to portray. D’Onofrio showed that the King Pin was still fallible and able to loose his composure just like any other person. However, D’Onofrio made this character the “one we love to hate” and the one we “ hate to love”. I just know that I love him and this character dearly because if there was no King Pin there would be no need for a Daredevil, and this time they found the right King.

With all these accomplishments and many more that I haven’t even mentioned, you would think that he has won , let alone be nominated for some Critic’s Choice Award for Television? Unfortunately that would be a no. D’ Onofrio has always given a stellar above and beyond performance no matter how big or small the role, he makes it his own and makes us his audience.

So in closing, when I think of someone who is overlooked, who actually has talent, charm, charisma and still is able to elicit fear, anger and loss in any roll he has taken, I think D’Onofrio. So lets not forget him any further and actually award him for all the great TV/Film moments he graced us with.


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