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Now, if you're currently in Toronto, there's a decent chance that you may have run into something a little out of the ordinary in the course of your day: Will Smith smashing his way into a building.

Thankfully, though, the mega-star hasn't gone off the deep end and pulled a Mel Gibson - he's just been filming an action-packed scene for DC's currently-filming Suicide Squad. A scene which, it seems, required a sufficiently external shooting location that intrepid Youtuber mrshinyguitar was able to snatch some extremely detailed footage of filming.

Or, in other words:

We Can Now Watch the Suicide Squad Storming a Freaking Building

Right there, in fact - in which we can definitely make out Will Smith cracking a window in a distinctly one-way sort of fashion.

And then doing it again...sort of:

Before, finally, Joel Kinnaman joins the action, and the pair walk out in a decidedly strutting manner:

The big question, though? We can definitely make out Smith and Kinnaman...

...but can you spot any other major cast members in the mix - and if not, what does that seem to say about the pair's likely roles in the movie?

Could Deadshot be set to be a little more invested in the 'Squad than we initially thought?

What do you think?



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