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Rob Harris

The wait for J.J. Abrams' hotly anticipated Star Wars reboot is only going to get more agonizing the closer we get to that magical December 18 date - but I've got something for you that might make it just a little easier...

As if smuggled away by Han Solo himself, a leaked video straight from the set of The Force Awakens has materialized online, featuring the filming of a rather explosive scene! It's quite blurry, but take a look:

The Stormtroopers Get Into Position

The actors prepare for the take, with the set dressing suggesting the scene takes place within an Imperial ship.


Someone (perhaps Abrams) yells action and the set erupts into flames...


One Stormtrooper is flung onto a nearby crash mat, before the same voice yells "cut."

Check it out in motion below:

Pretty awesome, huh? I wonder, how could this scene tie in to the overall narrative. Is one of the Stormtroopers a disguised Finn (John Boyega), is this the same ship we saw being torn apart by a ferocious battle in the second teaser trailer? So many questions!


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