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This past season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD ended on quite a cliffhanger and set up some big plans for Season 3. The show made some great progress and improvements over the course of the second season - especially in the final stretch of episodes that allowed Agent Coulson and his crew to finally stop having to hide out or be on the run following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But the big arc of the season belonged to Skye and we saw the show dive head-first into secrets of the Terrigen Mist and The Inhumans.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD wasn't the only place in the ever expanding MCU to touch upon the Kree and the elaborate story behind the Inhumans, but it was clear in Season 2 that this show will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting in establishing this new world in the MCU. And with the season finale hinting at going down a Secret Warriors path in Season 3, we're likely to see Marvel's Agents of SHIELD continue to establish the complicated relationship between Kree's, Inhumans and the citizens of Earth.

Skye, Quake & The Secret Warriors

One of the biggest reveals in the past season of Agents of SHIELD was something that die-hard Marvel fans may have suspected for a while - that Agent Skye was in fact the MCU version of the Marvel Comics character Daisy Johnson. A relative newcomer to the Marvel Universe, Daisy Johnson was introduced in 2004 as an agent of SHIELD and member of the Secret Warriors - a superhuman team of SHIELD agents brought together to help stop the Skrull invasion going on at the time.

Agent Skye, aka Daisy Johnson
Agent Skye, aka Daisy Johnson

Daisy Johnson took on the handle of Quake when she joined the team and has since become a high ranking member of SHIELD, even running the show for a little while when her mentor Nick Fury retired. Like her TV counterpart, Daisy Johnson is prone to taking matters into her own hands, going off on unsanctioned missions and getting herself in trouble with some of the SHIELD higher-ups. If Skye is given control of her own Secret Warrior team, expect some of the same behavior to cause conflicts in season three of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

Hey Marvel, What About the Skrulls?

When the MCU started dipping its toe into Kree waters, the prevailing thought was that the Skrulls wouldn't be far behind. But the use of Chitauri in the first Avengers, and the fact that the Skrulls were introduced in the pages of The Fantastic Four had many believing that Fox may actually own the rights to the Skrulls. Well, that is actually, mostly, not true. Marvel Studios do own the rights to the Skrulls while Fox owns the rights to Super Skrull. Follow the link here for a rundown of the rights issues, but it looks very similar to the co-ownership of Quicksilver between Fox and Marvel.

Skrulls! Who do you trust?!
Skrulls! Who do you trust?!

Seeing what happened to the Chitauri after the first Avengers movie - when the Kree hadn't really been introduced yet - it makes sense that Marvel has been saving the Skrulls for just the right time. And that time would appear to be fast approaching with the work Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been doing. Why not establish a firm foundation for the Kree before further complicating things with the Skrull? Sounds like a logical progression, right?

So will Season 3 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD finally see the emergence of the Skrulls? As in the pages of Marvel's comic books, will Skye's Secret Warrior division of SHIELD be in charge of Skrull threats around the world? One of the great benefits the Agents of SHIELD show has is the ability to take their time and not overwhelm audiences with information the way a movie might do when it comes to the deep mythology around the Kree and Skrull backstories. So it wouldn't be surprising if the show does use this advantage in season three at at least introduces the idea of the Skrulls.

The Terrigen Mist in the Water

When things start off in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 3, the attention of Agent Coulson's team, and whatever version of Skye's Secret Warriors there may be, will likely be focused on the outbreak of Terrigen Mist that ended up getting into the water and shown being bottled up in Fish Oil supplements. There's also that business of the crazy Kree stone SHIELD is holding on to devouring Simmons like it's The Blob.

Marvel's Secret Warriors
Marvel's Secret Warriors

Everyone loves Simmons so I don't think anyone is expecting this is the end of her character - what's more likely is that Simmons will come away from the experience with some insider knowledge (if you catch my meaning) which could allow her to be a big asset to Skye's Secret Warrior operations. Speaking of which, how good are the odds that we'll see Inhuman newcomer Lincoln being part of this team? Pretty good, I'd say.

It's clear that the show is paving the way to 2019's The Inhumans movie but that's still a long ways away. With so many great Marvel storylines to work with - from The Kree - Skrull War to Secret Invasion - there is a lot Marvel's Agents of SHIELD can do to deepen the MCU and the universe of The Inhumans in the meantime. It's entirely possible that by the time The Inhumans comes around the MCU could be set up for that Kree - Skrull War and it'll be this show that will likely have done a lot of the work setting the stage.

What do you think? What would you like to see happen in Marvel's [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) Season 3? What the heck is going to happen to Simmons? Will we finally see or hear about the Skrulls? Should we be preparing for a Secret Invasion? Take to the comments section, dear reader!


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