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Imagine the scene. It's a Saturday afternoon, no school, it's raining outside and you and your brothers and sisters are arguing because you're just so bored.

Then, someone has the genius idea of playing a board game, and hours of fun begins. Well, at least until someone was accused of cheating and all hell broke loose.

But all them nostalgic childhood memories are about to be torn apart when you see them re-designed as horror movie posters.

I have warned you, don't look on if you want to keep your precious memories precious!

1. Mouse Trap

Yes, it took hours to set up, but at least no real mice would be harmed....unlike in the horror pic!

2. Connect Four

Ok, so you sit opposite a friend, you smile, you place your color coin into the stand and first one to make four wins?! Simple. So why does the poster look like a promo poster for the next Human Centipede movie?!

3. Don't Wake Daddy

The aim of the game, to get to the kitchen and grab a snack without waking Dad. But wait, Dad takes an axe to bed and thinks it's good parenting to pull it on his children for waking him up?! Talk about over-reacting.

4. Operation

Ok, so the guy must be slightly pissed because he always has children thinking they're medical professionals attempting to operate on him. And having a red light and buzzer for a nose must be pretty lame. But looking like you're about to slaughter anyone you come across?! Maybe it's understandable in this case...

5. Hungry Hippos

Ok so white plastic balls probably don't taste nice, or have any nutritional value but they're hungry for flesh?! They're the hungry hippos! They're too brightly colored and stuff to want to eat flesh. Sad times.

6. Scrabble

A harmless word game all of a sudden has claws and wants to scratch and scrape people?! As the innocent picture says 'WHY'?!

7. Sorry

A totally innocent game, if you land on a square that someone else is already on, they have to go back to the start. Fine, I can live with that. But landing on someone's square and then being told it's a game Jigsaw has made up, well, you will have no choice but to NOT live with that...because you won't be alive very long.

source: halloweencostumes


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