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If you like the sound of a movie that blends the mind-bending narrative of Looper with the sinister dark undercurrents of Donnie Darko, then this creepy short film titled ROTOR is well worth 7 minutes of your precious time.

The incredibly talented minds behind the project - writer Nils Vleugels and director Maarten Groen - have crafted an eerie experience that has to be seen rather than described...

A Man, A Hallway and A Torch

The whole narrative can be summed up nicely by these three elements, but how do they tie together?

A Mysterious Facility

Part of the mystery of ROTOR comes from its lack of exposition. A truly minimalist film, it features just one line of dialogue and little else in the way of narrative explanation. The director stated that:

I think not knowing anything about this guy and his surroundings adds to the mystery and I like how most people who watch it create these own potential background stories for him.

It's certainly open to an array of interpretations, so I'm hesitant to tell you much else before you watch it. Turn the lights off, settle in and enjoy:

ROTOR from DPPLR on Vimeo.


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